What Do You Do When Your Opposition Refuses to Understand Words?

What Do You Do When Your Opposition Refuses to Understand Words?

Giving up is not an option.

On Saturday September 5th, the world watched as 1,000 armed white men marched into Louisville, KY and clashed with peaceful protesters. The protesters had been out there for 101 days straight calling for justices in the Breonna Taylor murder. There are many clips of the entire incident, the fights which almost broke out, the militia retreating, and the police completely absent from sight. But the words said between the militia and the protesters were most telling.

One of the most stunning clips from the entire ordeal was when the protesters had to explain things to the militia.

“We’ve come out here because of threats,” the militia leader said.

The protesters said back, “What threats? We come out here every day peacefully. This isn’t Seattle, Portland, or Orlando.”

Then the militia man said, “We aren’t here for you guys.”

At once, everyone shouted, THEN WHY ARE YOU HERE?

He said the NFAC said they were coming to burn the courthouse down, (which wasn’t true).

One of the protesters broke it down real slow.

“When he said he was going to burn it down, he’s not talking about a building.”

Shouts from the background said, “he knows that.”

“They were talking about a system of oppression they were going to burn down, not a building. We live in Louisville. We wouldn’t let them burn anything down.” Those were words the militia didn’t understand.

What Grand Master Jay actually said.

In July, when the NFAC was in Louisville he said that they were going to come back to Louisville and burn this motherfucker down. He also spoke about peace. He spoke of having no intentions of violence and he even spoke about good cops. And he even shamed the media for not covering their multiple peaceful marches and demonstrations.

Whatever he meant or didn’t mean. He never said he would burn the courthouse down. When the militia came to Louisville, 1,000 of them approached a peaceful protest of Black Louisville residents armed and angry.

What the militia said afterwards.

There is an interview on a Conservative website which the Angry Viking says a whole bunch of racist stuff about Black people, about Black Lives Matter. He spoke on Black on Black crime. He called the 3%ers good guys and Kyle Rittenhouse a hero.

Then he proceeded to talk about how he wasn’t racist. How he views everyone the same. And how members of their group were even married to other races.

It’s rhetoric which sounds familiar to us all. Those words were laced in white supremacy.

The same day I witnessed this exchange on Facebook.

It happened between a friend of mine, T, who is Black and a “friend” of his, R, who is white. I don’t think they’re friends anymore.

It started when R posted this on T’s Facebook page:

I’m not sure if there was a conversation or an exchange that took place before this, but T is an anti-racist activist and has spent a lot of time in the 2020 Civil Rights Era protesting for racial equality.

T was obviously annoyed at this video and told R not to post this shit on his page.

R told T, I still love you… and then went full on Klan rhetoric.

He told T that he was creating hate and racism (for being an anti-racist activist). He called him a victim.

R refuses to see color. Then insinuated that police brutality and murder was because Black people do drugs and break the law. More words of racism.

Knowing T, if R was really a “friend,” he would have had the same conversation with him that I’ve personally seen him have with many Trump supporters and white supremacists. He doesn’t mince words.

How is it that R can say he loves a Black man but refuses to see color? How can he say anti-racism is racist? And why would he think only drug users and criminals are targeted by the police?

Because all of these things were explained to him, likely more than once.


This was the exchange that followed:

We’ve been saying Black Lives Matter for years.

Yet, the opposition screams white lives matter, all lives matter, or blue lives matter. For years, we’ve explained to them it doesn’t mean Black people matter more and it doesn’t mean that other races don’t matter. It’s just who we are talking about right now.

Grand Master Jay talked about burning the system of oppression down. yet, the white militia thought he meant the buildings in Louisville.

And R seemed completely oblivious to the statements he was making on his friend’s Facebook page.

They don’t understand defund the police, they don’t understand even the most defined terms like socialism or Marxism. It’s often like we are speaking different languages.

It isn’t like we haven’t said these words to them.

We have. Again and again. Either they don’t understand or they do understand but want to continue to be racist.

So what do you do when the opposition refuses to understand words?

Say those words again and again, until they do. Don’t stand down, don’t let them win. In this era, we are fighting for the end of white supremacy. There is no middle ground. Either you stand with the millions of other people pushing for change or you stand against them.

Silence is complicity.

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