An Open Letter to the Dixies in Gainesville

An Open Letter to the Dixies in Gainesville

Hey, y’all. I have to admit, while I’m a Texas girl, through and through, I’m also a city girl. While I have plenty of family that live in rural areas, nothing prepared me for the things we all have been witnessing these last few months in Gainesville. You Dixies are the one to blame.

Seeing the happenings in Gainesville this summer has been very eye opening.

Many people have opened their eyes and seen how the Black community has suffered for many years in that town. It hurts my heart to know, in 2020 what they are still going through. More so, it hurts my hearts to see that many of the ones inflicting it on them don’t even realize the pain they are causing.

Yet, you’ve made your focus on the one who calls you out. The hatred and obsession that you Dixies in Gainesville have with Jessica Luther Rummel are beyond anything I’ve ever seen. The craziest part about it is when confronted on the reason y’all have so much hatred, most of y’all can’t even answer that.

Some of y’all will, though. Some of y’all admit the reason you don’t like her is that she calls you racist. But of course, it isn’t true because you all have Black friends. 🙄

Why not try to understand the problem?

The Dixies in Gainesville have been so focused on this one person, that they continue their hate and rhetoric which caused Gainesville residents to call Jessica in the first place.

Why is PRO Gainesville protesting in the first place? Y’all know. Because of the Confederate Monument placed on the lawn of the Cooke County Courthouse. It is offensive and hurtful to the Black community.

Why there are so many white Gainesville residents who are unable to empathize with their Black neighbors is beyond me.

PRO Gainesville has been adamant, they aren’t looking to destroy the statue or throw it in the garbage. They simply just want it moved off of the courthouse lawn. The courthouse is supposed to be a place where justice is fair and equal for all. How can it be fair for the Black community if before they even reach the courthouse steps they are met with a statue which tells them that they aren’t equal?

There have been many discussions about history.

Yet, from the opposing side, the Lost Cause mythology is never brought up. When the PRO Gainesville side brings up the Lost Cause, the opposition doesn’t know what it is or never heard of it.

That’s okay because your lack of knowledge about the Lost Cause is intentional. This was by far the greatest hoax in American History.

If you want the statue to stay, please first educate yourself on the Lost Cause.

It’s going to be hard and you’ll get the point where you realize that everything you were taught is a lie. You’ll get angry at first. Then you will want to know the truth.

You have to educate yourself.

This can’t come from your circle of other Dixies, from Jessica, or even from me. Although, I have tried more than once, in hopes I could help one side open their eyes.

Look at historical documents like the papers of secession. Read newspapers from that era. Southern newspapers. Look at bills passed or read pre-Civil War letters. All of these things you can find online, readily available to those who want to learn.

You have to learn the truth about the Lost Cause, the Confederacy, the antebellum south, and the post-Civil War years. Not about what white people went through, but what Black people experienced.

If you want Jessica to stop calling you racist…

Stop doing things that look and appear as racist. It’s not just Jessica who sees this. It’s all of the Black community. It’s many in the white community, too. Some have been standing with PRO Gainesville, while others are too scared to show their support.

If a group of Black people is protesting a monument which they deemed racist and you show up in camo with a long gun and waving a Confederate flag. You are going to be deemed as racist, too.

Everyone thinks you’re a racist. Jessica just happens to be the one saying it loudest. However, many in your own community has been saying it for years.

After all of these years of people explaining to you what Black Lives Matter means, if you still don’t understand, you need to try harder.

The fight for equality will not stop.

PRO Gainesville, Jessica, myself, and millions of other people across America right now are fighting for a better and more inclusive future.

If you Dixies aren’t racist, as you claim, it’s time you tried to put yourselves in someone else’s shoes. Specifically, the Black community. What are they going through? How have their experiences been different than your own? And what does an equal society look like, where no one is treated differently for the color of their skin?

Do these things and I promise you will learn. Even if you still continue to disagree with PRO Gainesville and Jessica, you can at least understand better where they are coming from. Perhaps if you understood that, you can be the bridge that heals the community.

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