Abbott Proposes Making Donations To Civil Rights Organizations A Felony, If That Group Took To The Streets

Abbott Proposes Making Donations To Civil Rights Organizations A Felony, If That Group Took To The Streets

And several other heinous proposals to suppress the 2020 Civil Rights Movement.

Yes. You read that right. If you ever questioned whether or not Greg Abbott held white supremacist ideology, you can stop now. Because he just answered that question live on TV. Today he proposed several new legislation ideas after meeting with the Dallas Police Union, which making it a felony to donate money to a civil rights organization if that organization takes to the streets. Here is the video:

Just a few weeks ago he announced his racist agenda to punish Austin for trying to make a better community for their Black citizens.

In his video, today, he took it even further.

Here is what he said and what he is proposing:

He said that in the months of May and June there were peaceful protesters in Dallas. But, according to Abbott, there were also rioters and some that pummeled people. This is complete bullshit. The only time in Dallas things got out of hand was that first weekend, (which was the last week in May). Nothing happened in June. There was no people pummeling. One white guy got beat up after he charged a group of young Black people with a machete. Of course the racists edited that video, to make it look like the machete wielder was an innocent victim of Black brutality. But the entire video showed the truth.

He wants to criminalize rioting activity, whatever the heck that means.

  • Causing injury or destroying property during a riot will be a felony that will lead to jail time.
  • Striking an officer during a riot will lead to a mandatory jail sentence of at least six months. This includes bricks, bottles, and other projectiles.
  • Using lasers to target officers will be a felony that will lead to jail time.
  • Blocking hospital entrances and exits by protesters and rioters will be a felony, (like the story that was made up in Los Angeles).
  • Using fireworks at protests and riots will be a crime that will cause you to go to jail.
  • Aiding or abetting riots with funds or organizational assistance will be a felony.
  • He also would like to give the AG the ability to pursue civil penalties to people or organizations that assist in riots.
  • Criminals arrested at protests or riots must remain in jail until their first court appearance.
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Let’s break down what he said.

He included in his speech that the Constitution guarantees the right to assemble peaceably, (yes, he said peaceably). Then he said the Constitution does not provide the right to riot, to rob, to loot, to set fires, or to physically harm anyone or anything. No shit. We all know that peacefully and peaceably means. All of us who aren’t morons, anyway.

Unfortunately, Greg Abbott and Donald Trump large in part share the same base, and they are morons. Abbott directly repeated right-wing conspiracies and lies in this press conference.

He’s using that misinformation to push a far-right agenda. If you have watched ANY live-stream protests you have seen right-wing trolls fill the comment sections with all sorts of dumb shit, but most importantly these morons don’t know the difference between a riot and a protest. Period. (If you haven’t seen any, join us on I Will Witness, where live feeds from protests all around the country are shared every day.)

It gets worse.

Recent reports cite that 93% of this year’s protests and demonstrations in America have been peaceful. And of that 7% that were not peaceful, the police were the agitators in 4% of those. This is across the country every day for…what? 115 days now? 117 days?

Striking an officer during a “riot?” All of us know and can probably name a few occasions in which police shot and killed unarmed civilians, later claiming “he was reaching for my gun.” If they can kill people and then justify it on their claims, they can also claim you assaulted them, whether you did or not.

The incident which happened in Los Angeles, which I watched live. After the police officers were shot, a group of 5 teenagers approached the hospital and were accosted by the LAPD near the entrance. The teens ran and as they were running, one of them shouted he hoped the cop died. That was shitty, but a lot of teenagers are shitty. The LAPD flat out lied about what happened.

protesters holding signs

Then, he changed his verbiage to say “in a protest or riot.”

Meaning he likely doesn’t know the difference or maybe he just doesn’t care. He specifically said blocking a hospital or shooting fireworks “during a protest or riot.”

Abbott concluded by aiding or abetting a riot with funds or organizational assistance will be a felony.

What does that mean exactly? Last night in Louisville, for example, police arrested 127 protesters. These were people who were arrested for either being in the street or being out past curfew. NOT RIOTING. However, do you want to guess how the right-leaning media is spinning it? You guessed it. They are calling these people rioters. I’m not going to link them, fuck right-wing media, Google it if you want to learn more about their lies.

While all of this was going on in Louisville, there was a bail fund going online to get all of them out. So, hypothetically, if this happened in Texas and these laws were in place, and people were arrested for walking in the street during a march for civil rights, then you donated $10 to their bail fund, you could be charged with a felony.

Most of these groups that go out protesting are 501(c)(3) organizations who rely on donations to keep going. If you donated to a group who’s cause you believed in, let’s say Peta (for this example), then Peta had a march through downtown Dallas. During that march, they got all riled up and decided to free all the bunnies in Petsmart, you are now a felon because you contributed $25 to them every February.

What about having “protesters or rioters” stay in jail until their first court appearance?

What happened in Dallas in June, protesters were arrested for WALKING IN THE STREET, and then immediately arrested. There were over 100 or around 100 who were arrested. They drove downtown and then immediately released. Ol’ Abbott was appalled by this and thinks those young 20-something-year-old people who got arrested for walking in the street should have stayed in jail.

crowd of protesters with placards fighting for equality

He’s doing this because Trump is ramping up his attack on Black lives and pushing to stronger enforce white supremacy in this country.

Right now, in America, millions of people are taking to the streets every single day to stand up against white supremacy. In nearly every large city and many small towns, people are taking to the streets EVERY DAY.

On top of the fact that there is a battle to end white supremacy in this country, our orange leader is trying to further push this country back towards ensuring that white people are the superior race. Just this month: 

And the month isn’t even over yet. 

So, as millions of Americans have literally taken to the streets to fight white supremacy, the orange one is doing everything he can to dial it up. And in the meanwhile, millions of more Americans aren’t even aware this is happening. Don’t say November can’t come soon enough, because we are really waiting for January 20, and that day can’t come soon enough.

Why are we protesting in 2020?

The protests that have broken out all around the country are large in part due to police brutality. The 2020 Civil Rights movement began with the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor at the hands of law enforcement. The broken system of policing is the same all across the country, in Republican and Democratic states. 

Civil unrest is happening because of the systematic racism which exists in both law enforcement and the justice system. We, the people, are over it. Done with it. Which is why civil unrest has happened from Washington to Texas. 

This is an American issue and we all need to fight for reform, we need to all stand up FOR Black and brown bodies.

My question is, since all around the country we have seen protests against legislators at legislators homes and offices who are hurting the people of America, WHY aren’t we protesting Greg Abbott yet?

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