White Supremacists Gearing Up For A Race War – Including In N. Texas

White Supremacists Gearing Up For A Race War – Including In N. Texas

Now is the time for all of us to be vigilant.

There are two pictures you see above. The man on the left is a person that murdered two people in Kenosha, WI last night. We’ve covered his face because we strongly believe in the #NoNotoriety movement. The man on the right was one of the white militia members who showed up to Gainesville’s peaceful protest this last weekend. Notice how they have the same stance. The only difference is one pulled the trigger while the other one was just itching to. These are the types of people that are looking to fight in a race war.

If you haven’t been glued to social media or the news over the last few days, police in Kenosha, WI shot an unarmed Black man in his back. Miraculously, he survived, but he will likely never walk again.

His name is Jacob Blake.

He is only 29 years old. When the white police officer shot him at point-blank range, in the back 7 times, his children all sat in the back seat of the car, witnessing the unspeakable.

It’s like they haven’t been listening.

Black lives matter.

It’s like they haven’t been paying attention. Or they just don’t care. This last weekend, Kenosha police didn’t think that Jacob’s life mattered, so they tried to take it from him.

And again this weekend, in Lafayette, LA police shot another Black man, Trayford Pellerin. He was also shot in the back. Unfortunately, he did not survive.

Protests and riots have broke out.

In Wisconsin and in Louisiana. Why? Because the country keeps saying “BLACK LIVES MATTER,” again and again. Yet, Black and brown men and women continued to be murdered by the hands of those who once took an oath to protect them.

The reason people are protesting is they want to stop being killed for their color of their skin. The reason they are setting businesses on fire is because they are trying to get people to wake up, since those who run the country and those on the side of oppression care more about property than human life.

Last night.

Yesterday, far right-wing extremist propaganda network, Infowars published an article saying that Wisconsin militia were recruiting to patrol Kenosha riots and the calls were put out on alt-right message boards. They are ready for a race war and they are calling out people, willing to participate.

The event was promoted on Facebook by the Kenosha Guard and used memes which promoted and encouraged violence against “BLM” and “Antifa.”

The shooter was seen on multiple videos last night, identifying himself. As well, the Kenosha police were seen on video thanking his group for coming out and giving them water.

The militia said they were there to protect businesses. The shooter later shot three or four people, (reports unclear on which), and two of them died.

After the he shot multiple people, he ran towards police with his hands up. Even though multiple people were shouting, “he just shot people,” the police let him walk on by.

What does this have to do with North Texas?

In the last few months, we’ve seen armed white militias show up to peaceful protests led by mostly Black and brown people in Weatherford, Gainesville, and McKinney. Each one of these places houses a Confederate statue on their public government property. These white militias have also been gearing up for a race war.

These militias have called local Black residents Antifa, while all they are is people who have been peacefully exercising their first amendment rights. These intimidation tactics are the same tactics used by the KKK 100 years ago.

What’s even more disturbing, is the countless videos from Weatherford and Gainesville that seemingly show police siding with these militia members, these terrorists. Police have refused to arrest these militia members when they physically attack protesters or even take reports. In Weatherford, it has been suspected that police were the ones that called the militia in. Last week, in Gainesville police were even caught on video communicating with the militia members via walky-talky.

Who are these militia people?

There are multiple groups, many of them are 3%ers or have “patriot” in their name. The groups that have had the biggest presence in Weatherford and showed up in Gainesville last week are 3%ers. The group in McKinney a few weeks ago were the Texas Patriot Protection Militia.

What’s interesting about them is that screenshots of their group have been leaked. They not only talk about a race war, but they also mention how they have been prepping for it. They call it a civil war. But, if one side is ALL white and the other side is everyone else, it’s a race war.

There are also leaks of them threatening racial violence at an upcoming Weatherford protest, where local residents were planning to exercise their first amendment rights peacefully. These screenshots can be found on Freedumb Parker County +. (Living Blue in Texas is not associated with any of these groups or Facebook pages.)

It isn’t just this group, either.

If you do a quick search on Twitter, Facebook, and even Google you can find dozens of right-wing extremists promising a civil war or a race war on 11/4, no matter who wins on 11/3.

It really pissed them off when a Black man won the presidency in 2008 and they have been gearing up to keep the system of white supremacy in America a dominant force ever since. The current White House inhabitant has only encouraged them and poured fuel on the fire.

Right now is the time we should all be vigilant. These people are looking to hurt and even kill Black and brown Americans. If you’re at a protest, be mindful of your surroundings, park your car away from the action, and never go alone. Always, live stream your videos.

And for the love of God, vote in November. If Trump wins, things will only get worse.

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