Webcast Facilitated McKinney Talk and Showed Us Why We Are Divided

Webcast Facilitated McKinney Talk and Showed Us Why We Are Divided

We know the problem. But, how do we fix the problem?

Last week, local Facebook webcast, based out of Frisco, JP, Kathy, and the Crew had McKinney “activist,” Chad Green in their webcast. Green spent about 14 minutes spiting straight-up lies. Aside from bringing it up in my last article, many McKinney residents reached out to the show to let them know their anger over Green’s lies.

On Friday, August 14, JP, Kathy, and the Crew facilitated a conversation between McKinney Councilman La’Shadion Shemwell, Alonzo Tutson, Chad Green, and another “Conservative activists” Cleo Marchese. 

JP said at the beginning that in this day in age with the current climate people have forgotten how to be a statesman. They want to bring that back and allow people to have good civil discourse in their webcast. It’s admirable, many people agree with this, however more than that the show was a perfect representation of why we are where we are in society.

Alonzo Tutson spoke first, saying that he disagreed with Chad Green saying that Antifa and BLM were in McKinney on August 4, because they were actually District 1 in McKinney residents.

It was very nice of him to phrase it that way because the truth is, Chad Green is a damn lie and he knows he’s a lie.

His lies directly had crazy people online talking about shooting Black McKinney residents. It was wrong and Chad Green knows it was wrong. There is no obvious reason for him to do that unless he was trying to intentionally put Black lives at risk.

Next Councilman Shemwell said he was also frustrated with the label of Black Lives Matter or Antifa because they were District 1 McKinney residents. What was said about blocking the door and violent threats, did not take place. And he reiterated that these were McKinney residents.

Then he said just because they are saying Black Lives Matter, doesn’t mean they are part of the organization Black Lives Matter. Did y’all know there were people that didn’t know the difference between saying Black Lives Matter and the organization? How mind-blowing is that?

Then it was Green’s turn to speak. He agreed that most of the people in the meetings were McKinney residents, then he said the problem wasn’t them, it was the people afterward who were at the statue with guns and body armor and they were trying to intimidate and threaten at the statue. 

Once again, Chad Green spouting was spouting lies. 

Thanks to local activist, Jessica Luther Rummel, there is footage at the statue after the meeting which Chad Green said was surrounded by Antifa scaring the good white folk of McKinney. Actually, that’s not true at all and there is video to show that isn’t true.  

The video shows some Watchmen (the group who came for security) and some McKinney residents attempting to have a civil conversation with Chad Green and his famous friend, Stephen Palace. Chad Green was, once again, spouting a bunch of lies. Those who were standing there called him out on it said he was lying and not telling the truth. This was as ol’ famous Steve was saying there was no proof that Throckmorten’s slaves were brutalized. 

Yep. That happened. Point being, no one in that encounter was threatening anyone, nor did anyone look scared. But a bunch of them were consuming alcohol. So, maybe that was it. Maybe Chad Green was so drunk that he didn’t remember the way it happened exactly.

Moving on.

Chad Green finished up his opening statement by saying there absolutely were people there threatening him directly. He said both people he knew were threatened were scared to put a police report in because they are scared for their business and scared for their lives. 

More lies. 

Besides Jessica’s entire 3 ⅕ hour-long video, which captured many of these “encounters,” there are multiple videos which can be found on social media that captured almost every minute at the statue. Between all of them, all of the encounters at the statue were caught on one of those videos. 

The reasons the “other two people,” Chad Green knows won’t actually file a police report is because those other two people aren’t real and it never happened. 

Then we get to Cleo. 

Wow. Who is this chick? The lights were on, but no one is home. She first started off with “both sides.” Meaning the racists and the people there standing up for those who were threatened by the racists. She starts off talking about how the Black guys with guns said they were there to defend Shemwell. And? What point was she trying to make?

Then she went on to talk about how it was infantile to focus on police violence considering all of the other problems they have in the Black community.

As examples, she gave maternal rates for Black women and the Black homicide rate. Miss Cleo said, if you really want focus on Black lives, lets actually focus on the things that actually affect Black people. 

Didn’t y’all just hear Shemwell explain the difference between BLM the organization and BLM the saying?

We heard it, because Miss Cleo didn’t seem to hear any of that. 

Councilman Shemwell interjected and pointed out that she was still focused on Black Lives Matter the organization. He explained what he does and his focus is as a councilman and once again WHY we say, Black Lives Matter. 

Cleo tried to talk over him with a bunch of nonsense. Then Shemwell talked about how those who were there to protect him were there specifically for Chad Green’s posts. 

What did Chad Green have to say?

He said he did respond to that, that he posted on Facebook that he was interested in the safety of the City of McKinney and those who were coming in to start a fight to stay away. But the lie detector test determined THAT was a lie. Please refer back to another article we posted last week which shows screenshots of Chad Green’s supposed Facebook post. He said no such thing.

One of the biggest problems in this country right now is that people who lie and use inflammatory rhetoric are given platforms to spread their lies. Then we all go on a Webcast and try to have a civil discourse, about the lies people like Chad Green tell. We need to stop normalizing white supremacy. Trying to get your Black and brown neighbors shot should not be something we all sit down and have a cup of tea over, unless it’s about how they’ve came to their senses and now want to make amends.

Kathy had a moment where she spoke about the statute. 

She directly repeated both Lost Cause rhetoric and Southern Strategy denial rhetoric. Although, she is likely unaware that she did that and may not even be aware of what the Lost Cause is. A big problem we are facing in society as that the Lost Cause mythology continues to live on.

While talking about the statue, she made it a point to mention Throckmorton was a Democrat, just like the McKinney Mayor Pro Tem, which is a completely irrelevant point after the Southern Strategy. 

Then, she said Throckmorton was not a supporter of States’ Rights. WTF, Kathy? The cause of the Civil War was slavery. Not one time in Texas’ Declaration of Secession was “States’ Rights” ever mentioned. Not only was slavery mentioned, again and again, but it was also the main cause of secession and the focus of the entire historical document. 

She spoke about moving past the issue of statues and hoping to come to a place where we can have civil discourse with one another. 

To move past the “issue of the statue,” we have to stop normalizing white supremacy. 

Period. End. Stop. The Lost Cause of the Confederacy normalizes white supremacy and has normalized it for over a hundred years. As long as we keep using terms like “states’ rights,” and calling armed Black men Antifa and BLM, we are continuing the cycle of white supremacy and oppression. 

Moving on. 

Shemwell did confront Chad Green about his lies and did say if you were telling the truth, there would have been video of what you claimed. Green tried to justify how there was no video because the lady who was recording it had to call 911 on her phone. 

Once again, the lie detector test determined that was a lie. 

Above we linked two separate 3 ⅕ hour videos from two separate people who were filming everything. If you pay attention, whenever they were at the statue, in the background, there are also multiple other people filming. 

Not only that but while watching some of these videos I linked above you will see in the beginning, activists pointed out where all the businesses with cameras were. For safety reasons, so they talked about walking on the sides of the street and remaining in view of the camera, for their own safety in case one of the pro-Confederate people tried to do something to them. 

We will not be seeing any video of the things Chad Green claimed, because those things never happened. 

Shemwell DID bring up the Southern Strategy. 

This is what we need right now. Leaders who tell the truth and challenge the entire system of white supremacy. Unfortunately, Miss Cleo let out a big condescending laugh. Poor brainwashed girl. And this is part of the problem. 

Conservative Republicans believe that since once upon a time they were Conservative Democrats were pro-slavery and started the KKK, that Liberal Democrats had anything to do with that, skipping over that back then Liberals (Radicals) were the party of Lincoln.

The reason the modern-day Republican party denies that Conservative ideology once hung a blue flag, before they switched parties, goes right along with their narrative of white supremacy and Lost Cause mythology. 

If you haven’t seen Living Blue in Texas’ article on how the Southern Strategy happened, it is not an opinion piece, but based on historical records.

THIS is why there is a division. 

America is divided because millions of Americans still subscribe to Lost Cause ideology. There’s a division because millions of Americans deny history, even with mountains of historical evidence. We’re divided because one political group had spent the last 150 years lying, (that would be the Conservatives if you haven’t been paying attention). And we’re divided because white supremacy has been normalized for way too long. 

The lies that Chad Green told was an attempt at psychological warfare, to get Hateriots to come out and hurt Black and brown residents of McKinney. These are KKK tactics 101. And this is why armed security is now showing up to McKinney City Council meetings to protect the Black Councilman and residents from the danger that people like Chad Green is putting them in. 

White supremacy has been so normalized in our society, that instead of calling it what it is, we are saying let’s all get together on a webcast and have a civil discussion about someone intentionally trying to hurt their BIPOC neighbors.

We know the problems. How do we fix them? How do we completely de-normalize white supremacy as a nation? Your guess is as good as mine.

You can find the full show from JP, Kathy, and The Crew HERE.

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