4 Texas Republicans Write Unhinged Letter to AG About God-Given Rights

4 Texas Republicans Write Unhinged Letter to AG About God-Given Rights

The letter was completely baseless and detached from reality. 

This morning, Jodey Arrington, everyone’s favorite religious douchebag announced on Twitter that he, along with 15 other Republican nutcases, wrote Bill Barr over their outrage that white people aren’t able to commit crimes with impunity. 

Ok, I’m paraphrasing. Check out his tweet, below. And here is the link to the full letter. 

Then they followed up the next paragraph by talking about how God-given rights are being infringed on by this awful Democrat who is simply just following the law. They even called her a rogue prosecutor. 

I won’t keep you in suspense, the other 3 morons are Brian Babin, Randy Weber, and Dan Crenshaw. They were also joined by 12 other Republicans from not-Texas. 

Before we get to the letter’s contents, it’s important to note that this letter is saved on Arrington’s website as “2nd Amendment Letter to AG Barr.” This letter was published just before 9 am, Monday, August 10th. For those of us who are able to remember 4 days ago, the SDNY announced a lawsuit seeking to dissolve the NRA for being the corrupt fraudsters that they are. 

Every year the NRA pours millions into political candidates, with Texas legislators receiving the bulk share of it.

Every one of these Republicans has an A rating with the NRA, and every single one of these Republicans is up for reelection this year. What a great opportunity for them to prove to their base that the Constitution really doesn’t matter unless it’s the 2nd amendment of course.

Jodey Arrington’s and Brian Babin’s districts are supposed to be safe Republican this year. Randy Weber’s district leans Republican, but Dan Crenshaw’s district is likely to flip. So, some of them have nothing to prove other than to remind Texas how batshit they are. 

The letter was in defense of the two psychos who stood on their lawns pointing weapons at peaceful protesters walking past their most, most of who happened to be Black. 

Now, these 4 Texans ought to know, while it’s ok to have a weapon in sight, pointing it at innocent people is a big no-no. At least it is in Texas, anyway. I don’t know what the Missouri law says. 

According to the letter, these maniacs were threatened by violent protesters who made menacing remarks and trespassed on private property. Now, we all know there was no violence and no menacing remarks, that the McCloskeys were flat out lying about the “danger” they were supposedly in. We know these things because of the videos which documented the entire thing. 

The prosecutor charged the couple with felony unlawful use of a weapon. The Republicans are really blowing their lids over this one because the prosecutor is a Democrat. Le Gasp! 

Then the letter reminds Barr the right to bear arms shall not be infringed.

This is stupid because the right to bear arms is completely separate from the right to point guns at Black people. A weapon is used to protect yourself, not threaten. Shame that these Texans don’t know this. Because if they did, they would know that what these idiots did was in fact against the law. 

Much like we saw in the Shelly Luther case, these special snowflakes think the law shouldn’t apply to them because of their rich, white, and God. 

More than anything, this goes to show that these Texas Republicans don’t care about the rule of law or the Constitution, they want everyone to know that white people who use weapons to intimidate and threaten Black lives should be able to, after all, it’s their God-given right.

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