Peaceful Protesters Return to Weatherford

Peaceful Protesters Return to Weatherford

This time, the violent and armed pro-Confederates were nowhere to be found.

Aside from my article which was an account of the multiple videos out there that showed a group of individuals brandishing Confederate flags, and acting violently at what should have been a peaceful protest, the Star-Telegram and WFAA picked it up, later other local media followed in suit.

The narrative has been that, the people protesting the statue were violent Antifa, who were trying to burn down the town of Weatherford. They said the aggressors were actually patriots for stopping the town from burning down. Some were even saying that these “Antifa people” were bused here from Portland.

Yet, most of us knew that narrative wasn’t true.

We knew from watching the videos, from hearing accounts of “both sides,” and from seeing the source of the anger which has swept our nation.

This morning, Goodday Mineral Wells was at Confederate Statue on the courthouse lawn in Parker County. Goodday Mineral Wells is a local news source for Parker county and non-partisan.

They were able to capture the same group that was out there last week, having a silent and peaceful protest.

There were no Antifa from Portland, there was not any graffiti, no fires, no fights, and there was no hate.

Just a small group of local citizens, many whom have history with Weatherford and Parker County, sitting on the grass peacefully and quietly using their first amendment rights.

The video above is with interviews. Another video, you should see from Goodday Weatherford, is about 5 minutes of the silent protest, I couldn’t embed because Facebook flagged as graphic.

Why did Facebook flag the video as graphic?

Because it showed the pictures the protesters were holding. The pictures were of Black men and women who were lynched and murdered by the Confederate States of America.

THIS is why these protesters are protesting the Confederate memorial, a celebration of Confederate ideology, who inflicted horror on the Black community for centuries.

Some of the protesters have a personal history with Parker County, where they have had ancestors murdered because of the color of their skin.

The narrative of the pro-Confederates never included that these were peaceful protesters, it never included the protesters own ties with Weatherford, and it never acknowledged the protester’s own ties with the Confederacy.

The consequences of lies and hate.

Last week, peaceful protesters came out to a Confederate statue to exercise their first amendment rights. Yet they were met with armed people holding the Confederate flag, the very symbology they came to protest, the same one which murdered their ancestors. These people screamed racial slurs at them, they threw water bottles at them, pushed and punched them. The protesters were outnumbered 10 to 1.

They were told Antifa was being bused from Portland or wherever to burn down their town. That was not true.

They were told these protesters would spray paint graffiti on the statue and pull it down with with chains and pickup trucks. That was not true.

They were told were told that none of these people had ties to Weatherford. That was not true.

And they were told the riots didn’t happen because some patriots stopped them. This was also not true.

This is America.

American citizens should be able to use all of their Constitutional rights, 1st, 2nd, 4th, 14th, 15th, 21st, and everything in between. More important, we all need to know what they mean. If you can recite verbatim the 2nd amendment, but you can’t tell us the reason why the 14th amendment happened and the chain of events that led up to it, you are part of the problem.

Texas schools HAVE TO stop telling the myth of the Lost Cause of the Confederacy. For goodness sake people, educate yourselves! And don’t educate yourself with Facebook Groups and Reddit threads. Read historical documents. Go back in time and read what a historical figure wrote, in their own words.

And VOTE! Seriously, vote for your school boards, vote in your local judicial races, vote for municipal elections, and state elections; EVERY SEAT! VOTE!

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