Delia Parker-Mims Proposes Anti-Trafficking Program

Delia Parker-Mims Proposes Anti-Trafficking Program

Photo courtesy of Timothy Martin.

LEWISVILLE, TEXAS — Friday, July 31, 2020, a group of concerned Flower Mound citizens held a protest against human/sex trafficking at the corner of Long Prairie (FM 2499) and Cross Timbers Drive (FM 1171). Delia Parker-Mims, candidate for Denton County Commissioner 3, praised the protestors’ activism  and has drafted a program she would like to see Denton County install to prevent human/sex trafficking. The BEE S.A.A.F.E. (Safety Against Attacks for Everyone) program would establish community awareness about the problem, creating a hostile environment to predators.

Parker-Mims said, “Not only do I support the protesters but protecting our citizens from human/sex trafficking has always been a priority. That’s why I developed the BEE S.A.A.F.E program in 2019. It was one of the first programs we championed at the beginning of this campaign. Unfortunately, sex trafficking is a $90 million-per-year business in the DFW area and it affects Denton County. In August 2019, Lewisville police found a missing four-year-old girl from North Carolina at a house being investigated for sex trafficking.”

“I have drafted BEE S.A.A.F.E. (Safety Against Attacks for Everyone), a community safety program aimed at protecting our children and preventing sex trafficking,” said Parker-Mims. “With the help of a community task force composed of police, parents and community and religious leaders, I would like to see BEE S.A.A.F.E. available in our schools, civic organizations, religious and recreation centers.”

Parker-Mims stated that the BEE S.A.A.F.E.program would provide children with skills training exercises to teach them how to protect themselves by being aware, visible and heard. “The program would equip our community’s children with the knowledge they need to avoid being targeted or harmed by the sex trafficking industry,” she said. “A huge problem is the solicitation of minors by predators on the internet. The BEE S.A.A.F.E.program would also address that problem.”

“The BEE S.A.A.F.E.program could be funded by government grants, civic organizations and fundraisers,” noted Parker-Mims. “Not only would children attend sessions giving them the necessary skills to avoid predators, but pamphlets, posters and a hotline number would also be available to report suspicious activity and tips.”

Delia Parker-Mims, a longtime Lewisville family attorney, is a candidate for Denton County Commissioner 3 who will deliver smart, responsive leadership to make Denton County safer and healthier for families. Learn more about Delia at

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