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Parker County Progressives PROVED Trigger-Happy Idiots Lied

Parker County Progressives are the GOAT!

Bravo, to Parker County Progressives! This group, who LIVES in Parker County, Texas has been assaulted, attacked, threatened, and lied about. However, no matter what these racists have thrown at them they still stand strong. Today, they proved that the trigger-happy idiots who have been flooding the town of Weatherford to stop them from peacefully using their 1st Amendment rights are nothing but a bunch of BIG FAT LIARS!

Time-Line of Events:

Prior to July 25, 2020: Local Parker County residents peacefully use their First Amendment rights. They were protesting the Confederate statue for several weekends in a row. Then the word got out and they started getting threats from Hateriots who were determined to stop them.

July 25, 2020: Because of the amount of threats and harassment, they received online, their next protest a second group from Fort Worth came out to stand in solidarity with them. That Saturday, 50 peaceful protesters were met with nearly 500 armed racists who shouted racial slurs at them, physically attacked them, and surrounded them with guns and sniper rifles.

August 2, 2020: Parker County Progressives came out early on a Sunday to protest. It was peaceful and quiet. There were hopes that the instigators from the week before would see these were both peaceful and local residents. They hoped that the instigators would stop trying to infringe on their Constitutional rights, and just let them be.

Unfortunately, these trigger-happy inbreeds wanted to continue instigating and threatening their Black and brown neighbors.

August 8, 2020: These dimwits started another online rumor that Antifa was going to come out in bus loads to burn down Weatherford, despite the fact that there were no protests scheduled. Around 200 white guys LARP’ed as army-men in down-town Weatherford, standing around looking foolish in search of non-existent busloads of Antifa.

Of course, that didn’t happen, because there are no Antifa. Not in Texas, anyway. So these dumb-asses made up a rumor, spread the rumor, believed the rumor, and came out to fight the rumor.

Sure, it’s easy to make fun of how stupid these people are and talk about how some rural Texas area may have got the short-end of the stick when it comes to education.

But these things should be taken very seriously. These people who come out in tactical gear, with semi-automatic weapons looking to hurt and shoot local Black residents are dangerous. These extreme actions that they are taking to stop their Black neighbors from using their Constitutional rights should not be taken lightly. This is MAGA country, where the hillbillies been fed a solid diet of racism and hatred since their grandpappy’s grandpappy was a little kid. And they have been itching to shoot a person of color since the first time they ever held a gun.

August 10, 2020:

With no racists in sight, Parker County Progressives saw an opportunity to once again have a peaceful protest, without the fear of being shot for lawfully using the rights granted to them from the Constitution of the United States of America. So, they had a pop-up protest. And once again, it was peaceful, quite, and only consisted of people who actually live in Parker County.

Lie #1 – Out-of-Towners.

The first lie that these people started was that the residents, who were using their Constitutional rights in Weatherford were a bunch of out-of town commies.

While, one week a small group did come from another town less than 25 miles away, to stand in solidarity with the Weatherford residents who had been receiving constant threats.

The peaceful protest in Weatherford at the Confederate statue last week, solely consisted of Parker County residents. They even invited local, non-partisan media, Goodday Mineral Wells, to cover their event.

However, this last weekend hundreds of armed white militia members showed up in Weatherford again, anticipating hundreds of busloads of Antifa to tear down their town.

What these Hateriots have repeated online again and again to their Progressive neighbors was to get out of town, don’t come back to Weatherford, and stay out of Parker County.

Not only was this a lie, because the Parker County Progressives are from Parker County, but these Hateriots themselves, were from other counties.

Parker County Progressives PROVED today that the hundreds of violent white militias who have been harassing them, were actually the real out-of-towners.

Freedumb in Parker County + has been doing a stellar job of identifying many of the hateful morons coming out to intimidate them and harass them online. Thanks to them, we’ve learned that many of these idiots coming out to “protect” Weatherford are actually from Hood County and Palo Pinto County.

So, when Parker County Progressives showed up on a weekday and were in the square for over an hour and a half peacefully using their Constitutional rights; they didn’t give the out-of-towners enough time to drive all the way from other counties in weekday rush hour traffic, still in their work clothes, and unprepared to Larp.

Lie #2 – Trying to tear down the statue.

After all of these peaceful protests put on by Parker County Progressives, these morons are still lying and saying that these peaceful protesters are coming to tear down their statue and burn down their town. None of which is true. We know this because Parker County Progressives have had enough peaceful protests to show that they are a peaceful bunch.

Lie #3 – It isn’t about race.

All one has to do is visit Freedumb in Parker County + or Boycott Racist Weatherford TX. Then you can see that race is exactly what these “counter-protests” are basing their attacks on. Aside from the mountains of racist screenshots they have showing who these people are and how hateful they behave; the fact that they are making up rumors to try and encourage out-of-towners to show up and shoot their Black neighbors is one of the most racist things happening in Texas right now. We all should be outraged at this.

Black Lives Matter, period. The era of white supremacy WILL come to an end, period. Groups like Parker County Progressives will continue to peacefully stand up for their Constitutional rights until these hillbillies realize that equality counts for everyone, no matter what the color of their skin.


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