It Was Lit Tonight McKinney, Texas And It Gave Us Hope

It Was Lit Tonight McKinney, Texas And It Gave Us Hope

It was a roller coaster. From fear to anger, to hope, back to fear, and then hope once more.

The entire evening in McKinney was an entire roller coaster of emotions. There were so many moments on various live-streams that were absolutely gripping. It’s Tuesday, so that means it was time for another city council meeting. While the end of the night gave some of us hope, we all walked into the beginning of the evening with fear. Fear for the safety of the residents in McKinney and for Councilman La’Shadion Shemwell.

Check out just one of the many videos out there from tonight. It’s long, but it gives a really good scope of the front of the building and down the street.

The scene shows multiple local groups, at least four local groups were there who came out to protect the Black and brown residents of McKinney and Councilman Shemwell. Also, making an appearance tonight was an out of town white militia.

While this video showed many of them, other local live streams showed even more militia members, all around each building, in parking lots, and down by the statue.

The groups were staying separated, on their toes, and alert of their surroundings.

This scene was very different from other scenes we’ve seen in recent weeks.

The militia which showed up in McKinney as the opposition to local residents was highly organized and appeared as if they were running a military operation. They operated similarly to one of the other BIPOC groups out there, who we have seen a lot of.

Then something amazing happened.

Hats off to Mayor George Fuller. Tonight, what he did was the most amazing thing. His entire tune did a complete 180 and this evening we saw a whole new version of George Fuller.

There is right and there is wrong. In this day in age, we constantly question if some out there even know the difference. Tonight, we didn’t question that about George Fuller, he saw what the right thing was and he led by example. The turn around was inspiring and what we all expect from leaders.

Here is the full clip, which includes Shemwell’s comments and Fuller’s speech.

First Fuller apologized for the evening he cut the meeting short. He said he was told the information and when he went and looked back at the videos and saw that information was wrong. The sign of a good leader is the ability to admit when you’re wrong and hold yourself accountable

McKinney has the best city meetings in Texas. Right now anyway.

(Only political dorks watch city council meetings for fun, though. 🤓)

What Fuller did after that proved why McKinney city council meetings are totally lit. 🔥🔥🔥

He pointed out that the white militia that was outside the building was not from McKinney, they were out-of-towners. Unlike the previous weeks when LOCAL Black and brown groups had carried weapons for their own safety.

Then he let it be known that it has come to his attention why Black residents felt the need to carry weapons. Then he read out loud all of the threats against the lives of the Black residents.

Yes he did!

Then, he proceeded to read the comments, in their entirety, and the full government names of the individuals who wrote them. Yes, watch the clip. It’s glorious. George Fuller did what so many should have done a long time ago. George Fuller did the same thing Shemwell did when he called for the Black State of Emergency. Why?


(And it’s recently come to our attention, although we didn’t know it needed to be said. We mean the LIVES OF BLACK PEOPLE MATTER.)

Even more fantastic than that, he specifically called out Chad Green. This is how we do it, this is how we end white supremacy. It was an amazing sight to see. It is actions like George Fuller took tonight that disrupts the inequality and the narrative that so many have been fighting against for so long.

And George told all his Republican friends, “Bitches! Y’all have got to stop sharing fake motherfucking news.” No, no, I’m kidding. He was really serious about it, but what he said was great.

He wrapped it up by calling the white militia silly and to go play GI Joe somewhere else.

Thank you.

But this night just kept on giving.

Shout out to the beautiful Mrs. Sheilla Tutson. She did such an amazing job capturing these videos tonight.

This next video is when her husband Alonzo Tutson approached the white militia and said, “Let me speak to your leader.”

It was such a raw and fantastic moment. Anyone there or who watched it lived likely had knots in their stomach. At first, it was tense and no one knew what would happen next.

The white militia, for some reason, didn’t want to engage with the Black militia. For several minutes they stood around seemingly not knowing what to do until they got distracted by some guy shouting he was a taxpayer.

Then Alonzo Tutson strode across the street determined and hellbent, followed by a handful of Black militia and found the leader of the white militia.

So, funny. Because as it turned out, the white militia only came out there because they heard online that Antifa and BLM were out there harassing good white folk.

No shit that wasn’t true.

We’ve been talking about this every week. In Gainesville. In Weatherford. And in McKinney. That there are some people online that keep lying about local Black residents and saying that a town’s BIPOC citizens are actually BLM and Antifa and that is causing white militias to come out armed to the teeth and “counter-protests” peaceful protesters exercising their Constitutional rights.

The racial tension in these small towns in north Texas is through the roof.

However, this time it was diffused. This time the residents crossed the street and had a heart to heart. What they found was people just like them. The white militia were veterans, as was the Black militia. The white militia was out there to provide protection to citizens, as was the Black militia.

The only difference was the threats the white militia believed there to be, were completely fabricated by bad actors.

And the Black militia was out there for valid and real threats towards the Black community made online by the very same bad actors.

It’s time for the era of white supremacy to be over. Even the”white militia” likely agree with this. In Parker County, Cooke County, and Collin County there are many trouble makers.

When they share their fabricated content and repeat their lies, they contribute to society’s current day’s division.

Who knows how long it will last, but today… at least for one day, we should all have hope.

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