Kelly Hancock of SD9 Continues Posting Divisive Tweets

Kelly Hancock of SD9 Continues Posting Divisive Tweets

He’s made himself very clear how he feels about Black lives.

Back in June Kelly Hancock posted a racist tweet in response to the George Floyd uprising. In fact, he was on a tweet frenzy in June. He never condemned police brutality or offered condolences for lives lost by police. He’s tweeted lies about mail-in ballots, and re-tweeted dozens of far-right ANTIFA sentiments.

Well, he’s at it again.

Yesterday police in Kenosha, Wisconsin shot an unarmed Black man in the back 7 times, in front of his children. Jacob Blake, miraculously survived, but is still in the hospital in critical condition.

Another unarmed Black man shot. Another Black life which didn’t matter to the white police officer, who tried to take it. And another moment in time where the cries of “Black lives matter,” have gone unheard.

In response, the citizens of Kenosha, WI broke out in protests. There was rioting and arson. Why? Because unarmed Black people are killed in America again and again by police officers. People are tired. They are tired of being tired of the senseless and repetitive murders at the hands of police.

Kelly Hancock tweeted today.

Once again, like we saw on his Twitter feed after the murder of George Floyd, Hancock did not condemn the shooting in Kenosha. He did not offer prayers for police. He didn’t mention Black lives or the war against Black and brown people in this country.

Instead, he retweeted a video of a police officer getting assaulted and said, “Pray for our police officers.”

Is assault wrong? Of course it is.

But, it is also wrong for Kelly Hancock to completely leave out of his narrative the reason why the crowd was so angry was because ANOTHER UNARMED BLACK MAN WAS SHOT.

Why is Hancock trying to change the narrative?

Because he doesn’t believe that systematic racism exists. His white privilege shields him from seeing the injustice and inequality in our country. His ignorance shields him from learning the challenges that Black and brown people face in America every day.

Kelly Hancock represents a highly gerrymandered district, which encompass both Tarrant and Dallas Counties. The demographics in both of these counties combines is less than 50% white. Yet, Hancock is choosing to only be a representative of the white communities.

Unfortunately, Hancock’s not up for election this year. But he is up in 2022. We won’t forget any of this. Come election time, we’ll help the voters remember how he feels about Black lives.

Enjoy the rest of your term, Senator Hancock, it will be the last one you serve in Texas. We, the people, will make sure of it.

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