Huge Rally of White Trump Supporters Show Up at Black Church in Dallas

Huge Rally of White Trump Supporters Show Up at Black Church in Dallas

What followed was confusion, finger pointing, and anger.

The rally was actually two combined rallies of, ‘Blue Lives Matter Rally,’ and ‘Ride of the Blue.’ The majority of the hundreds of people who showed up were white, although witnesses said they did spot 2 or 3 BIPOC in the crowd. Aside from the countless blue stripe flags many of these trucks flew, countless Trump 2020 flags were seen flying along with them. Yesterday, they thought it would have been a good idea to show up uninvited to a Black church.

Friendship West Baptist Church is in Oak Cliff, in Dallas Texas, (and not the gentrified part of Oak Cliff, either). The picture you see above is of Friendship West. They have a huge, “Black Lives Matter Sign,” which can be seen from the highway.

Here are some clips that show the scale of this rally.

Initially, there was pandemonium.

Word of these people parked in the Friendship West Church parking lot hit social media and word started to spread that the KKK and white supremacists were gathering in this large Black church within a Black community. And the community showed up.

Pastor Haynes and hundreds of church parishioners came out, Senator Royce West showed up, as did John Wiley Price, and Jasmine Crockett, candidate for HD100.

The question immediately became, why would these people flying Trump flags and Blue Lives Matter flags show up to the Black section of town, to a Black church which has a huge Black Lives Matter sign hanging in the front?

We all know the answer. Which is why we all should be angry.

They never had permission to be there.

At first there was some confusion, because there was a Black Lives Matter rally on the same day, which got permission from the church to meet in their parking lot. So, the first thought was that those organizers lied to the church about who they were.

But when the Undertakers for Black Lives Matter showed up at Friendship West, later that day, it became clear that the Blue Lives Matter Rally never had permission at all.

The Blue Lives Matter rally had police escorts and was supported by police, which is why later that night protesters marched on the Dallas Police Department. Although Dallas PD denies escorting the rally, they said they were just there to direct traffic.

To the right is a statement from HD100 candidate, Jasmine Crockett, while on scene.

Later that day, Pastor Haynes also put out a statement.

“What was done this morning, was not approved by none of us. It was an act of intimidation. As far as I’m concerned, they heard the words of their racist commander in chief in Washington DC and are trying to intimidate us. But guess what? We are not the one. Oak Cliff is our hood and you are not going to intimidate us.”

Pastor Haynes

In a second statement Pastor Haynes further clarified Friendship West’s stance.

What they did was to engage in intimidation. What’s really sad is that they had a Black face leading them. I understand that there were Confederate flags, there were Trump flags, and you know that ain’t welcome on the campus of Friendship West. We have a big Black Lives Matter Sign and our mission and ministry reflects that. You are not going to come to Oak Cliff and intimidate us. Blue Lives Matter, or whatever you’re talking about, let me just say this right now.

At this point, if you aren’t saying Black Lives Matter, you might as well just have a Klan rally. Because in the age of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, if you are not, as police officers and people who claim to support policing, if you are not declaring Black Lives Matter and then restructuring your departments to invest in communities, then as far as I’m concerned, it’s a Klan rally.”

Pastor Haynes

No one is that stupid.

There’s no way that these agitators yesterday could play dumb and say they didn’t realize what they were doing. They didn’t realize how it would be taken. We’ve been watching these same people show up armed and looking for violence in these small little North Texas and East Texas towns, like Weatherford, Tyler, and Gainesville. This incident in Dallas was their largest attempt at white supremacy intimidation.

Some are speculating that this was a trial run, so they can see what they can get away with. Considering the racial tension bubbling over in many of the rural areas outside of DFW, this speculation may not be so far fetched.

If this is what they are doing now, imagine how bad things will be if win the next election. Vote, so we can get elected representatives in office that will bring us together, instead of causing this divisiveness.

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