When Failure to Render Aid is as Deadly as the Bullet

When Failure to Render Aid is as Deadly as the Bullet

It appears that all lives matter movement is merely a slogan and reaction to the Black Lives Matter movement.

One must question if all lives mattered, why was my son the exception? The blue lives who responded to the officer-involved shooting of TreShun Symone Miller, on 1/11/2019, did not attempt to save his life. 

With several police shootings around this country in recent months, this question plagues American society. The question of aid being rendered has been asked in several different cases. In the Amber Guyger case involving the senseless death of Botham John, George Floyd, and even Breanna Taylor. 

However, in the case of TreShun, some feel as if his death was warranted because he was armed.

According to the video released by the Arlington Police Department, the investigators stated TreShun attempted to kill a cop.

If that was the case, then perhaps some thought, “What do you expect? He deserved to die.” Perhaps this was the thought process of first responders 1/11/2019? 

Officer Austin Williams, the officer that shot TreShun and stood over his body on that cold and rainy evening, was captured on his own body camera saying, “This is what happens when you shoot at people,” all while my son begged for help.

Breonna Taylor, Botham Jean, and George Floyd
Does this explain why no one from the Arlington Police Department attempted to apply pressure to one of the five wounds TreShun suffered from?

One would assume police officers have an obligation and duty under their oath to render aid. Even if it was an effort to save the person who attempted to kill them? But According to the Supreme Court Case, Stevens-Rucker v Frenz, the police do not have an obligation to render aid. Yet, local police department policy says differently. In the case of Botham Jean the Amber Guyger, the failure to render aid sealed her fate. 

If the police have the power to take a life, don’t they have a similar responsibility to save a life?

The Constitution of the United States of America mandates this in the 5th Amendment, regarding due process. There is an old saying, “With much power comes great responsibility.” In the case of Botham Jean, the Dallas DA used Amber Guyger’s failure to render aid in the case against her

In the death of Breanna Taylor, local media outlets also stated Breanna Taylor was alive AFTER being shot and police officers failed to render aid. This abuse of power is seen far too often. 

After an officer-involved shooting, when the bullet doesn’t kill the target, why don’t police try to save a life? 

Unfortunately, I do not have that answer. However, the City of Arlington Police gave me insight when they met in a close private session on 8/4/2019 regarding a complaint that we filed against them, the fire department, and American Medical Response. 

The session came as a result of interim police chief Ayala presenting the 21 Century Agenda to the city council. Ayala stated it was in fact Arlington Police Department policy to render aid after use of force. City Council Member Marvis Sutton, followed up the presentation with a question regarding an internal email he received from a police officer which cited TreShun’s case. 

Chief Ayala could not confirm if aid was rendered or not to TreShun. If the police chief could not confirm why TreShun‘s life did not matter, then how can we expect other police officers on APD  to follow policies when their biases take over? 

If all lives matter, why did the blue lives who responded to the officer-involved shooting of TreShun not attempt to save his life? 

I can’t say what I expected when I found out TreShun was dead. However, when I learned about the failure to properly render aid, I was heartbroken. I expected someone, ANYONE, who came in contact with him in his final moments to show some form of compassion. To see him as a human being and extend some form of compassion, even if they didn’t feel as if he deserved it.

TreShun was shot at 10:18pm 1/11/2019, his family did not see his body until 1/12/2019 at 4pm. This is the last picture we have of him.

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