Dennis Bonnen Was Awful for HD25, His Would-Be Replacement Is Worse

Dennis Bonnen Was Awful for HD25, His Would-Be Replacement Is Worse

Sometimes, a wolf in sheep’s clothing is easy to spot.

There’s one thing for sure that Texans don’t like, that’s arrogance. Cody Vasut, running for House District 25, thinks the sun comes up just to hear him crow. I’ve been watching all of these candidates, Republican and Democrat alike, in races all over the state, and Cody Vasut, one of the proudest Republicans running for office. 

His belief that he’s already won has overshadowed any humility he should have gained from his run-off, and he’s told his supporters to go ahead and put their yard signs up. They shouldn’t worry about having them out again until, meh, Septhemberish. Does that mean his campaign is taking August off?

What’s his opponent doing in August?

Democratic candidate for HD25, Patrick Henry, has been out there knocking on doors, making phone calls, and staying active online. Sure, it’s Texas, it’s August, and it’s hot. We all would love to be sitting by the pools with a nice cold cup of sweet tea, but we still expect our leaders to work—especially this close to the most critical election of our lives. 

And speaking of online, where is Cody Vasut’s online presence? He doesn’t have a Twitter, and he only updates his social media page once every few days. How are people of Matagorda and Brazoria counties supposed to know where he stands on things? 

The funny thing is, though, I’ve been looking at a few things, and young Cody might not be as much as a shoo-in as he thinks himself to be. 

But HD 25 has been Red for a long time.

Sure has, but not because the Democrats have been losing. It’s because they haven’t been running. Why? Who knows, but a Democrat is running now, for the first time since 2004.

Here’s the thing though, Dems. Y’all haven’t been out voting in all of these elections. This year is different, though. This year we’ve seen an awakening in the Democratic party. Trump, coronavirus, George Floyd, lack of insurance, and unemployment have all bee a contributor to helping many realize that voting is the only way to get both Texas and America out of the situation we are now in. 

In 2016, the presidential election, Brazoria County had 196,000 registered voters. Only 76,000 voted for Trump. 43,000 voted for Hillary, and 75,000 people who were eligible voters didn’t even bother showing up to vote. Unfortunately in Texas, non-voters usually are Democrats. Why? That’s a whole other post. However, because of the Civil Rights uprising in 2020, that’s going to change. 

How do we know?

Look at the July 14th primary runoff. Democrats and Republicans both had a reason to vote in that election. Republicans for their HD candidate and Democrats for state senator. 

On June 14th primary runoff, 10,623 Republicans in HD25 voted, and 10,992 Democrats in Brazoria County and Matagorda County voted. 

Don’t get too excited, yet. We can tell EXACTLY how many HD25 Republicans voted because they were voting for an HD25 runoff. We can only tell how many Democrats voted by the county since they were voting in a state election. (The state results are counted by county and not by district.) 

Thanks to the Republican’s most favorite cheating tool, gerrymandering, this sliver up in the Northeast corner of Brazoria County goes to HD29. Even if a few thousand of those votes in Brazoria and Democrats had 9,000 opposed to the Republican’s 10,623, in a runoff…when Dems barely even vote, that’s pretty fricking amazing and only shows that HD25 really isn’t that interested in Cody Vasut. 

Even more so, Vasut only got 7,380 votes, in a district with 196,000 voters. That was the second time around. During the primary, he only got 5,210, which is less than Patrick Henry got. 

And those were the votes he got before the pandemic, before the beginning of the 2020 Civil Rights Movement. The world is a lot different now. 

Who is Cody Vasut, anyway?

Cody Vasut comes from a political family and is the son of a judge. All you have to do is watch one of the videos from the many debates and candidate forums he’s participated in to see that political speak, specifically Republican political speak is something he’s been trained in probably since he was a kid. His presentations always appear rehearsed and phony. 

Like here:

What’s funny, in this clip, he says he wants nothing to do with PACs. Looks like ol’ Cody ate his supper before he said grace because the lie detector test determined that was a lie. 

Not just a lie, but a damn lie. So far, he’s got about $130,000 in PAC money. Does HD25 really want to send a liar to Austin to make decisions on their behalf, that affect their life?

Vasut also wants to put semi-automatic weapons in the hands of criminals and the mentally ill.

He’s a strong advocate for constitutional carry if your unfamiliar with constitutionals carry, it’s basically what the nut-jobs like Vasut and his friends like to say about the ability to openly carry a firearm anywhere without a license or a permit.

Background checks? Depends on who you ask. There are enough background check loopholes right now, though that if the crazies get a constitutional carry, they’re coming after all background checks next. Don’t believe me? You must be new to Texas. 

A big part of Cody Vasut’s platform are things that he would be unable to accomplish. 

For some reason, this young man thinks that men and the government should control what women do or don’t do with their bodies. You know, no abortions, no birth control, no access to cancer screenings, or annual checkups. Same old Republican dribble coming out of the mouths of every red politician south of the Mason Dixon over the last few decades. 

Texas has been a highly gerrymandered, non-voting red stated for years. Anything that Cody Vasut says he wants to do about stripping away women’s rights has already been said and done in Texas. Most of the things he’s promising have been attempted and fought all the way to the Supreme Court. Luckily for women, SCOTUS has protected women from misogynistic little dweebs like  Cody Vasut more than once. The things he’s pledging as campaign promises, he won’t be able to do, because of the United States Constitution. Period. 

Are we keeping score? Where are we at? Vasut, spoiled political brat, groomed for politics, liar, swimming in dark money, wants to give guns to criminals and crazy people, and promises things which infringe on women’s Constitutional rights. 

But we’re not ready to call HORSE, yet. 

This brat is also trying to push vouchers. Vouchers, essentially take money from already hurting underfunded public schools and funnels it into private schools, where they can teach your kids creationism and climate change isn’t real. What happens to public schools? 

They still have students and instead of barely making it, their way in the red. No music, PE, and in some cases, even books. Who hurts the most from that? Children living on the lower end of the economic scale, especially children who are Black and brown. 

Don’t you want someone who really works for you?

I follow hundreds of Democratic candidates on Facebook and Patrick Henry is one of the most hard-working Dems in Texas. He’s been writing letters to all of the mayors in the district, attending Black Lives Matter protests, campaigning with other local Democratic candidates, and even cooking meals for his volunteers. 

Which is how I know that if Patrick Henry gets elected he will work just as hard in Austin as he does in his campaign. This is something we can all rest assure with. Unlike his snotty stuck-up opponent, who doesn’t care if you like him, he’s just sure he’ll win, because historically, HD25 has been a non-voting district. But the world is a lot different now.

This race will is a lot tighter than many in South Texas realize. If the voters in HD25 show up at the polls, Patrick Henry has a good shot and the people who he would represent will have someone in Austin, actually fighting for them.

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