Cooke County Confederate Culture (eBook)

Cooke County Confederate Culture (eBook)

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On Monday August 17, 2020, in the small Texas town of Gainesville, Texas four county commissioners and the county judge held a meeting to determine the fate of a Confederate monument. This particular monument adorned an unknown soldier at the top and near the bottom it said, “Oh, home of tears, but let her bear this blazoned to the end of time; No Nation rose so white and fair, none fell so pure of crime.” 

What seems like a very blatant and obvious ode to white supremacy to a large majority of Americans today, some of the county residents seemed oblivious to the meaning behind.

And on that hot August Monday, as the commissioner’s meeting discussed whether or not they wanted to choose to have a community of inclusion or one of inequality, over two dozen Cooke County residents came before them to speak on whether or not they wanted the statue to stay or go.

The words that they said when speaking of their reasons on why they wanted the statue to say were all based on false narratives, Lost Cost propaganda, lies, and even QAnon conspiracy. It was both painful and embarrassing to watch.

This eBook is to serve as a reference for all of the false words that were said and what the actual truth is based on facts and historical records that can be independently researched and verified by anyone with an internet connection. As we are all now fully immersed in the digital age, any person who chooses not to educate themselves is remaining willfully ignorant.

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