Parker-Mims: Commissioners Are Shirking Their Responsibility

Parker-Mims: Commissioners Are Shirking Their Responsibility

LEWISVILLE, TEXAS — On Wednesday, August 19, 2020, Delia Parker-Mims called out the Denton County Commissioners for sponsoring a day of prayer about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Following is Parker-Mims’ speech: “Yesterday, the Denton County Commissioners issued a resolution designating today as a day of prayer to ‘fight the coronavirus.’In other words, the county commissioners are choosing prayer to fight the coronavirus rather than insisting upon actions that will actually reduce the spread.

“And this makes me angry. I’m angry because we have officially lost 90 community members to COVID-19, a number that is likely going to become much higher.

“I’m angry because most days more than 100 new infections are reported. Yesterday, the official tally was 157. It is likely to climb. I’m angry because we are going to be sending students and teachers to classroom environments that we know aren’t safe.

“I’m angry that so many people in my community have lost their jobs, that businesses are closing, that our economy is being hammered. I’m angry because this didn’t have to happen this way.

“We are suffering the consequences of the Denton County Commissioners’ failure to lead. Had I been a county commissioner, I would have insisted on a mask mandate as soon as cases and positivity started to rise.

“I would have brought Jesus into this by having a come-to-Jesus meeting with Sheriff Murphree and insisting that he uphold the mask mandate issued by the governor. I would be deeply engaged with our community, determining need and doing my best to meet that need.

“We don’t need a day of prayer. Those of us who pray — and I am one of those — already pray every day for our community. We need action and we have needed action for some time. If you want leadership for a change, vote for me, Delia Parker-Mims, for county commissioner. I am the change this county needs.”

Delia Parker-Mims is a candidate for Denton County Commissioner 3 who wants to make Denton County safer and healthier for families. Learn more about her at www.votedeliaparkermims.com.

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