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Multiple People Attacked at Anti-Black Rally in Denton

And Shelly Luther showed up with Boogaloo Boys, publicly stated she’s willing to break the law, and she’s running for senate.

The rally was a real shit show.

Like all of the rest of these “blue lives matter,” they tried to disguise it as something else. However, their behavior and the things that occurred at Denton Downtown square had nothing to do with police officers, justice, fairness, or patriotism. It was all about hate.

The event was initially named “Blue Lives Matter,” then they changed it to “Back the Blue;” however these people were using police for their political agenda and racist narrative. They should have just called it a Klan rally, that way they wouldn’t have had to tell people to keep their Confederate flags at home.

Multiple people were attacked.

Yep. It was all caught on tape, too.

Local podcaster, Katina Stone-Butler happened to be on the square for an interview a few hours before the rally was supposed to start. She also happened to have been wearing a kente cloth mask that was red, white, and blue and was mistaken for someone who was there to support the rally. Which is stupid.

Stone-Butler was approached by some of these dumbasses and told how cute her mask was and was made racist comments to her. Stone-Butler is Black.

She was explaining that to the video when one of the counter-protesters nearby were attacked. Luckily police were close enough to break it up quickly.

We later learned that attack was unprovoked on a white ally who was standing with Black Lives Matter (the movement, not the organization). One of the attackers tried to choke him as well.

The second attack.

The second attack was caught on tape by local activist, Jessica Luther Rummel. Unfortunately, in this situation, she was also the victim.

Special snowflake criminal salon owner, Shelly Luther, made her appearance to announce her candidacy for senate. Like no one saw that coming. 🙄

Except Living Blue in Texas, did. We saw that coming.

That’s what corrupt people do in Texas, after they suck up a half a million dollars from a GoFundMe, they run for office as a Republican. It pays them better.

In Shelly Luther’s speech, to this supposed “Blue Lives Matter” crowd, she said she broke the law and went to jail and she would do it again for anyone of them. The crowd loved it, they cheered while waving their blue line flags. Proving they don’t care at all about the men and women who’s job it is to ENFORCE the law.

If you recognize this man, please help identify him and contact the Denton Police.

Jessica tried to get a comment from Luther.

Which is when this sad man struggling with male inadequacies came up to her and slammed his rifle into her back.

Just like the previous assault, police were standing nearby and witnessed the entire thing.

Just like the previous assault, police did not arrest the assailant.

Which leads us to the question of the day.

If these people really came out to “back the blue,” why did they come out so heavily armed?

Do they not trust police to protect them?

Ironically, Jessica had a conversation with the same man about an hour before that, which is why he said, “Do you remember me?”

Earlier he told her he was out there to keep the peace. Obviously this shows the “back the blue people” don’t trust police to keep the peace.

So, what is the real agenda of these back the blue people?

Shelly Luther’s security was a Boogaloo Boi. It isn’t the first time Boogaloo Bois have showed up recently in North Texas. They’ve also been spotted out in the Weatherford rallies last month and in Dallas in June.

Maybe Shelly Luther intends on being the Strom Thurman of the 21st Century. That’s one hell of a statement to use in conjunction with an announcement for political office.

The Republican Party we all once knew is dead. This rally showed it. Why Republican? Because the organizers were the Denton County Young Republicans and North Texas College Republicans.

What patriotism isn’t:

Patriotism isn’t waving an American flag while telling your neighbor they aren’t welcome for the color of their skin. Patriotism isn’t physically attacking people who have different believes than your own. And patriotism isn’t flying the flag of a man who puts brown children in cages and then kills 180,000 Americans while simultaneously stripping American citizens of their Constitutional rights.

And the one thing at Denton’s rally seen more than the American flag was Trump flags.

Only the blind can’t see this for what it was. A hate-filled Ku Klux Trump rally.

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