What’s wrong with HD126 Rep Sam Harless?

What’s wrong with HD126 Rep Sam Harless?

Is he intellectually impaired or has he just listened to one too many Alex Jones broadcasts?

Sam Harless is the state Representative for HD126. HD126 is in Harris County. Harris County has had over 40,000 coronavirus cases, their new positive cases have been steadily rising, and their hospitals are full.

Yet, Sam Harless has been caught on camera several times in the last month not social distancing and not wearing a mask.

He’s often been pictured with his germ-buddy Judge Lincoln Goodwin.

I just wrote about this last weekend, Sam Harless is one of the many Texas Republicans who have been making poor choices these past few weeks. But, it wasn’t until I saw a social media post he made Monday, that I went and looked at his last month of social media posts.

Here he is with his germ-buddy and a couple of cops standing shoulder to shoulder, maskless, and exposed to all of air particles within 6 feet of him.

Nothing says 4th of July like a highly contagious communicable disease.

Here is Harless and Judge Goodwin again, on June 25, 2020:

They realllly like each other’s germs.


Monday, he had had a sit down meeting, with a bunch of elderly Karens, in a cramped conference room. No masks, no social distancing.

It’s sad, that they’ve all been bamboozled by the conman president and the RWNJ media, that they don’t seem to have a problem with sharing each other’s spit particles during the worst global pandemic in 100 years.

It’s a good thing I was able to grab these pictures from his Facebook page, too. He has since deleted them. Perhaps a backlash for bad optics.

Wasn’t there supposed to be a rule in place for politicians not deleting content from their social media accounts, because they’re public officials and it is supposed to be public record?

If there isn’t, there totally should be.

There are at least 14 people in that room. Aren’t there limits in Harris County on how many people can be at one gathering?

Not too sure it would matter, anyway, since back in April he expressed his frustration with Lina Hidalgo’s “over reach” with her mask order. He even talked about writing a bill that would limit her emergency powers.

It seems, that Sam Harless just doesn’t want to follow the rules. A true rebel.

June 8th.

Check him out at some Republican Women luncheon. Sure they set up their tables to social distance, but does that really matter if when they talk they are close enough to smell each other’s breaths?

Then, on June 15th he spoke at the Republican District 7 Convention.

Wait, is this actually a thing?

Apparently, all over Texas, Republicans have been holding District conventions, over the last few months. Odd. In person conventions. In the middle of the pandemic.

Here is what the audience looked like, on June 15, less than a month ago, in Harris county.

And here is where I found the germy picture. Picture credit to Dylan Glass, I hope he sanitized his camera afterwords.

Has the coronavirus turned you into a germaphobe? It has for me. When I look at this picture, I just see spit particles flying all around and being inhaled by this audience of older age demographics. 🤢

Anyway, here’s old Sam:

Sam Harless has been sharing COVID updates.

At first glance of his Facebook page, it appears perhaps he is concerned for his constituents. After further examination, he really is just copying and pasting words that Governor Abbott puts out.

Just a reminder, Sam Harless is up for reelection in November.

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