Time to Focus on Texas’ November 3rd Elections

Time to Focus on Texas’ November 3rd Elections

The Runoff is over, we’re a go for big blue beautiful wave in November.

That runoff was a nail biter. Now, let’s talk about who’s on the ballot and where Democrats are. Texas’ November 3rd Elections are the most important election in a generation. Yes, we HAVE to get Trump out, but in Texas SO MUCH MORE is at stake.

What’s at stake?

  • If Texas’ electoral votes go to Biden, Biden wins. Period.
    • Biden can win the election without Texas, but Trump cannot win without us.
  • If MJ beats Cornyn, the Democrats pick up one more seat in the US Senate. Currently the US Senate has 47 Democrats and 53 Republicans. There are only 5 tossup seats right now. Texas isn’t one of them. We “lean” Republican, but the way things are looking for the party of Trump, we could take this seat, too.
    • You know all of those bills that are getting passed in the House and then dying in the Senate, that’s because the Republicans are holding the majority. If Dems take the majority, that shit stops. That means we can ACTUALLY get stuff done.
  • As for the US House, Democrats already have it. And we’re expected to keep it and gain a few seats, the more we can sent to D.C. from Texas, the better. We have a good shot at flipping these Congressional districts: 3, 10, 21, 23, 24, 25, 31.
    • We may even be able to flip a few more than those, if we turn out the blue wave, like we’re supposed to.

This isn’t a secret, either.

Republicans are FULLY aware of how much trouble they are in. And as hard as we are going to have to fight to take these seats, they are going to have to fight even harder to keep them. Texas’ November 3rd elections will be one for the history books.

They will stop at nothing, even cheating. Which is why we have to beat them in such a momentous landslide that they won’t be able to cheat. That goes from the top and all the way down ballot.


If Republicans manage to keep a hold on the state legislator, millions of people, especially Black and Hispanic, will lose their right to have fair representation in elected office. Texas’ District maps are set to be redrawn in 2021. Republicans have intentionally been redrawing districts for decades to squeeze more and more people of color out. The reason they do this is that is to keep themselves in power. Texas Republicans have already shown us, for decades, that when they are in charge nearly everyone who isn’t rich suffers. And if they also aren’t white, they suffer even more.

After the maps are redrawn in 2021, that will almost guarantee them power until 2031, when they can be redrawn again.

But that’s not all.

Texas has the has the highest uninsured population in the entire country. An average of 730 Texans die every single year without access to healthcare, which is a direct outcome of our high number of uninsured.

20% of Texas children experience food insecurity. In fact, the number of children in poverty in Texas is double the national average.

The average income in Texas is below the national average, our poverty level is above the national average, and even our education level is below the national average.

If Republicans win this year, things will get substantially worse over the next decade. Which is why they can’t win. Too much is at stake.

Eyes on the ball everyone, heads down, Texas’ November 3rd Election is ours, let’s do this.

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