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Texas’ GOP SREC Elections Were Illegitimate

The reason this is such a big deal is:

When the delegates voted for Chair and Vice-Chair around midnight, Saturday night, James Dickey said they were under cyber attack. Each district was supposed to collect their own district votes and then report it back to Convention chair.

Except, when Sunday morning came along, at least 5 districts had not turned in their votes yet when they declared Allen West the winner.

And for the districts that did vote, many of their delegates were still left out of the process.

All of this is verifiable through public social media posts.

The Texas GOP SREC election, (which just elected Allen West as GOP Chair), was illegitimate. This can be verified through various social media posts in various Texas Senate Districts all around the state. For this article, I will be posting both screenshots and links to posts, so others can verify. However, I wouldn’t be too surprised if some of these people or groups changed their privacy settings after this. 

First, there was this post by Tammy Blair. 

According to Tammy Blair’s post, there were 9,224 delegates and alternatives. There were three candidates running. Allen West would have had to have had 4,613 or more votes to have won the vote. But also according to Tammy Blair’s post, only 6,259 delegates actually voted. Hmmmm.

Then I saw a response on her post from someone claiming to have interesting news for Tammy for SD1. 😁 Research time.

I volunteer as tribute. 

The best thing, when trying to find out information about Texas Republicans, is that so many of them still don’t know how to properly use the privacy setting on Facebook. They shoot themselves in the foot so often by failing to flip a few easy switches. It’s a wonder why they still haven’t learned yet. 

I’ve read through more Republican Facebook Groups than the normal person can stomach. Whew, it’s rough. It’s especially rough for them. The Texas Republican Party is in shambles. Here are some more posts.

I just want to explain what this says, in layman’s terms. Only 26 Senate Districts were able to vote. There are 31 Districts. Which means 5 entire Districts did not cast a vote at all, SD7 was just one of them. Of course, there is proof.

Before we go any further, fellow Dems.

Y’all. I know the natural reaction is going to be to laugh your asses off at them. Haha. That’s what they get. The party who has made disenfranchisement as one of their core focuses for decades is now being disenfranchising. It’s ironic. It’s a taste of their own medicine. Yep. Those were my initial thoughts, as well. 

But when they go low, we go high.

Now is the time to show them who the Democratic party is. We’re the party of integrity. By disenfranchising thousands of their delegates, they robbed them of their right to have a voice within their state party. That’s wrong. And as we’ll learn, the GOP is trying to sweep this under the rug and go on as if it didn’t happen.

There are Republicans, statewide, who are saying that what happened broke the Party’s bylaws and are calling the election illegitimate. If the election for SREC Chair broke the bylaws, perhaps they should re-vote. 

This post by Amy Hedtke tells us a lot.

Who is Kay LeBlanc? She’s from Dayton, TX. And that’s SD3. More from Amy Hedtke’s same post:

I think the point that Amy is trying to prove here, is if they don’t illegitimate this election, based on how many of the delegates were disenfranchised, that their elector votes will likely also be illegitimate.

The Convention on Saturday night was under a cyber attack. 

At least, according to James Dickey. The delegates had waited all day to vote and then around midnight, Dickey said they were under attack and they handed off each district to handle their own voting and report it back. 

Obviously, that didn’t go as planned. 

Then there was SD17.

They count as one of the districts whose votes counted…or at least some of them. It seems there were many in SD17 who were unable to vote, as well.

Others, from a different Republican group said that only 117 were online during the vote for West.

Remember when someone mentioned SD1(above)?

Here’s a completely separate post from another Facebook Group called Grassroots America, it would appear that many in SD1 were not able to vote as well.

It’s worse, (for the GOP).

I went through hundreds of GOP social media posts today. The amount of party infighting is astounding. They talk to each other the same way that they talk to us. Rude, name calling, threats, in one district delegates were even filing police reports on one another, (expect a follow up story on this soon).

Hundreds, likely even thousands of GOP delegates never cast a vote for new state chair, Allen West.

It seems as no one has a final count of votes and the videos from the Saturday night have not been made public. After the voting process was handed off to each district, they all handled it differently. Some by email, some on Zoom, and others relied on text message. Absolutely no consistency.

The SREC knows all of this, but still called Allen West as the winner.

The Republican party wants to brand itself as the party of election integrity. Before they do that, they need to work on themselves.

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