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The Texas GOP Has gone COMPLETELY Off The Rails With Their 2020 Platform.

They just released their 2020 platform and it’s certifiably insane.

Y’all. This should terrify each and every single Texas, anywhere to the left of Steve King. We all need to be paying attention to what the GOP plans on doing, if they can keep Texas red. Their platform is as crazy as a soup sandwich.

Their platform is racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, anti-environment, anti-civil rights, anti-voting rights, and every other evil idea Rush Limbaugh or Alex Jones ever came up with.

It’s bad. Really bad.

A few people were questioning whether or not this was actually real. Links below. It’s understandable to question authenticity when it’s this sooooo bonkers.

Some of y’all might have seen that I shared this picture above with a summary GOP’s priorities yesterday. Here is the link for that, which was found on this page.

That was shocking and appalling enough, but then I went to their website and read their entire platform. It’s stunning that in 2020 they think any of this is OK. The full document can be found HERE. The link for that could be found on the same page.

It’s long and some of the platform agendas are standard rank and file Republican bullshit, but some of them are mind-blowing.

Below are some of the highlights.

19. – 22. Fuck the environment.

Even though humanity is running out of time to reverse the environmental damage we’ve done over the last century, the TX GOP is basically like, “Fuck it, I don’t care if my grandkids die. The oil industry pours a ton of money into the Republican party right now, and that’s most important.”

I remember a few years ago when some of the GOP were just like, “Meh, I’m not so sure about global warming,” or, “There just isn’t enough data.”

Well, know there is enough data. Oil companies have made statements validating global warming. 99.99% of scientists agree global warming is a real thing.

Yet, Texas Republicans are just like, “Let’s murder the earth!” It’s so far from where we need to be to protect humanity in just a decade or two from now.

19. – 22. are so shocking that it’s hard to understand what the GOP is trying to do with their environmental stances, aside from intentionally kill us.

24. Windstorm insurance.

If you have a house, anywhere within a certain amount of miles from the coast and you get hit with a hurricane, your insurance won’t cover it.

If you live in North Texas or the Panhandle and get hit with a tornado. Also, not covered. That’s what they want.

Once again, a middle finger up to Texans, on behalf of the Texas Republican Party.

26. Minimum wage.

It’s not enough that your boss is only paying you $7.25 am hour.

Republicans want to push down the minimum wage, making it legal for an employer to pay you $2 an hour. Which, you’ll have to take if you can’t find another job.

34. Social media freedom.

Falling in line with Trump’s recent backlash against social media fact-checking him or labeling him hate speech, Texas Republicans want the ability to share fake news and post hate speech, without repercussions.

Fact-checking hurts them with their base. And without hate speech, they have very little to talk about.

36. Social security opt-out.

Social Security “contributions” are not “contributions” at all — they are a tax on wages (or on self-employment income, if you’re self-employed).

That tax isn’t being held for you when you retire, like, e.g., IRA contributions are — it is used to pay the obligations of the Social Security system. So, this essentially is a social security cut.

56. – 58. We should let COVID kill everyone. They has to make sure that was on their platform.

If a business is forcing their employees to come to work during the pandemic, even if they aren’t essential and half of their staff gets sick or dies. The business is free of liability. Oh, and by the way, all jobs are essential. Fuck it, let’s just kill everyone.

While we’re at it, let’s add a cherry on top, by opposing mask mandates.

Again, it’s as if the Texas GOP is intentionally taking positions which they know will harm the most people.

62. Right to hate speech.

Republicans want the ability for white supremacists to go on college campuses and actively recruit or spread hate, even when they aren’t wanted.

Republicans want to be able to us racial slurs both online and otherwise, without repercussions or censorship.

This goes right along with the rest of their entire platform. Special snowflakes hate and special snowflakes don’t want to be reprimanded for hate.

66. Remember, Texas can secede.

By looking at the rest of their platform, there are very few people that would look at this and say, “Sure, I want these loony toons in charge of my life, with no intervention from the federal government.”

If Texas were red and seceded with this platform, people of color, women, gays, everyone’s life would get so much worse. Scary, worse.

67. Sharia Law.

They’re back at their big bad Sharia Law thing. Showing all of us, still, they haven’t compared Sharia Law with their own platform. If they did, they would realize that American Conservative ideology is closer to Sharia Law than any other ideology on earth.

68. Judicial overreach.

Republicans are mad that Lina Hidalgo and Clay Jenkins tried to help save the lives of their constituents. They want to stop them in the future from mask mandates and lockdowns.

Once again, this is a pro-harm and pro-death position.

69. Texas Republicans think they should be above the Supreme Court.

We’re only at #69, and this document has 336 points, most of them completely insane, unconstitutional, racist, pro-harm, pro-death, or stupid.

If the Supreme Court, for example, determines that gerrymandering in Texas is unconstitutional, Republicans want the ability to still use gerrymandering, even if it violates the constitution.

70. The GOP wants the minority party to be in charge.

Like right now, with Trump. He lost the popular vote by 3 million. He wasn’t the people’s choice. The electoral college is outdated and hurts the majority of Americans by putting unpopular presidents in office. They want to keep it that way because it’s the only way they can keep winning.

74. Again with the brown people.

The reason that the 14th amendment was passed in the first place, was during Reconstruction, the racist pro-slavery South did not want newly freed slaves to become American citizens.

The biggest reason for this, was because as American citizens, Black people were entitled to vote. Even after it was passed, they still tried to black Black men from voting, which led to the passing of the 15th amendment.

This situation is no different. America’s voting population, especially in Texas, is increasingly Hispanic. 65% of the Hispanics are Democrat. And as Gen Z is graduating, becoming voters, and highly in-tune to issues, like DACA, this swings the Hispanic vote more left. Republicans don’t want that. Instead, they’d rather take away their citizenship altogether.

76. Stop the people from electing senators that represent them.

See, I told you their entire platform is bonkers. We, the people, should choose our elected officials. Period.

78. Xenophobia on display.

Shout out to all those Karens who get mad at people for talking on the phone in Spanish in a store because they can’t eavesdrop. Yep, they want to make THAT behavior okay.

81. The Texas GOP wants majority-white colleges again.

Although their rates of both enrollment and competition for students of color has risen over the last few decades, they still remain underrepresented on college campuses. The nation’s most elite research universities have an undergraduate student population that is less than 7% Black and 11% Latino.

What was the point of adding that little bit about being color blind? In no way was it in context with the rest of that point. Especially in today’s world, where white people have been told again and again over the last several years that not seeing color hurts both diversity and inclusion.

This entire issue is saying that they are refusing to acknowledge our differences, including the fact that Black and Brown people’s American experience is not the same as their own. On top of the refusal to acknowledge that, they want to kick the students or color out of school. Despite all of the data that backs up the justification of affirmative action, they want to do away with it anyway.

82. Separation of church and state.

As in, Republicans still only care about one amendment in the constitution. If it’s not about their right to pew pew, they’ve probably never even heard of it.

84. – 86. Pew pew

Pew pew pew pew pew pew pew.

Pew pew pew pew pew pew pew.

Pew pew pew pew pew pew pew.

Pew pew pew pew pew pew pew.

Pew pew pew pew pew pew pew.

Pew pew pew pew pew pew pew.

Pew pew pew pew pew pew pew.

Pew pew pew pew pew pew pew.

Pew pew pew pew pew pew pew.

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Pew pew pew pew pew pew pew.

Pew pew pew pew pew pew pew.

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Pew pew pew pew pew pew pew.

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Pew pew pew pew pew pew pew.

Pew pew pew pew pew pew pew.

Pew pew pew pew pew pew pew.

Pew pew pew pew pew pew pew.

Pew pew pew pew pew pew pew.

Pew pew pew pew pew pew pew.

90. Thou art mandated to spread the plague.

When they wrote, “Lockdowns Never Again,” they were actually meaning to write, “Lockdowns? NEVER AGAIN! Mwahahahaha!!”

Ridiculous, just like the Texas GOP.

96. Make it a crime for doctors to perform an abortion.

Aside from this wish to control a woman’s body and interfere with her right to choose, it’s literally the only indication the GOP might actually care about human life. However since the rest of their entire platform is built to intentionally hurt and even kill, that would be completely out of character for them.

110. Repeal hate crime laws.

Y’all need to pay close attention here. Everything we’ve read so far and the rest that is still to come, has shown the Texas GOP to have several issues based on white supremacists. On top of this, they want to repeal hate crime laws.

Ask yourself: Why?

Texas has to go blue this year, if we don’t, it’s going to be really bad for everyone not rich, white, or male.

116. Keep police militarized.

The Republicans want to keep giving the police tanks and army guns, but just add a little more training into it.

The complete opposite of what most Americans want.

120. Criminals should die in prison.

No one said to let out murderers, but releasing criminals during the pandemic if they are within 6 months from their release date shouldn’t be a controversial topic if it saves lives.

138. Stop calling us racists.

Republicans are publicly announcing that the reject Critical Race Theory, call it post-Marxist, and say it undermines the system of law. In layman’s terms, they are rejecting the fact that white supremacy is the direct cause of systematic racism.

Aside from that, they want legislation to remove education involving race, discrimination, and racial awareness. Are y’all paying attention to this?

What could go wrong? 🙄

139. English only.

Because… Karen. Why cant’ we just mind our own business. I’ve lived in Texas my entire life and have never once been bothered by people speaking Spanish in the store or at a restaurant. If it doesn’t effect you, why does it bother you?

141. School vouchers.

They will stop at nothing to strip away public education. School vouchers have repeatedly been proved to hurt lower income and minority students by taking away money from their schools and funneling it to private schools.

142. Anyone who has a LTC can bring guns to school.

I wonder if that includes 18-year-old seniors? Sure….these seems like a good idea. I’m not sure how we are supposed to take most of these seriously.

Sure, Texas is likely to go blue this year and probably every year after that. None of the things on their platform will likely make it through legislation. However, this speaks volumes on the character of the Republican party.

145. It won’t’ happen if we don’t’ talk about it.

Y’all just keep teaching your teenage daughters to cross your legs and when she gets it on with her high school boyfriend and doesn’t know the importance of condoms, don’t be surprised that you’re a grandparent before the age of 40.

When Colorado implemented sex education, the teen pregnancy rate dropped in half. Not only that, but the abortion rate also dropped in half.

Republicans want to stop abortions, they would only help their own agenda by starting off with education.

146. Bigotry.

Once again, if it doesn’t affect you, why worry about it? This is just one more layer of hate and bigotry. Who fucking cares a person’s “biological gender?” That’s not who they are now. Telling a person they cannot be themselves is bullying, bigoted, and just ugly.

149. Religious extremists think their teenager will be abstinent.

How many studies have been done? How many points have been proven? Teaching abstinence doesn’t work. More so, counseling? Some kids need these services, which are already limited. What if the kid is being abused at home or bullied in school? School counselors are often a resourse for them to turn to, when they have no one else.

173. More money for rich people.

It can’t be a Republican platform if it didn’t include more money for rich people.

178. Increase the sales tax.

Abolishing property tax and increasing sales tax would disproportionately hurt lower-income people. They are mostly renters, who don’t pay property tax and buy more retail products in smaller quantities, because of their limited budget.

191. Anti-facts.

PBS is the most factual source of news out there. Since facts have a liberal bias, Republicans reject them. That’ll show us.

197. Drill baby, drill.

The only reason that the Texas GOP wants the parks and wildlife reserves is for oil. They want to kill he natural land, drill for oil, and pocket some money.

203. Suddenly they know what defund means.

203 says they want to “defund and abolish,” showing that they clearly know the difference.

No more IRS, Education, Energy, HUD, Commerce, HHS, Bureau of Land Management, TSA, ATF, National Labor Relations Board. Yea, pretty much everything.

The Republican Dystopian Dream.

205. Safe Haven cities.

Republicans want to force women to have babies they can’t afford or take care of and then after they are born, they want them to die of starvation and lack of health care.

209. Limit Democratic voting.

Democrats tend to vote early more than Republicans do. So, by limiting the amount of time Democrats can early vote, they think they will stop some from voting.

213. A lifetime punishment.

Bob stole a car when he was 19 years old. It was a stupid thing he did. He got caught, went to jail, and has a felony on his record.

Now Bob is 45, he owns his business, a house, pays taxes, has kids in school, and he can’t choose who represents him.

217. More disenfranchisement.

As an increasing number of states have made mail-in and absentee voting more accessible to citizens, more people are voting using absentee ballots. Despite the increased convenience for voters, not every voter is able or willing to get their absentee ballot to an official polling station or postal facility.

That’s the point. And it’s called collecting, not harvesting.

219. Repeal the 1965 voting rights act.

Are y’all paying attention to this? SCOTUS already gutted it once in 2013, screwing voters in Republican-led states. The Texas GOP wants to take it further and repeal the Voting Rights act all together, less voters means they might be able to stay in charge.

224. Keeping districts white and rural.

This is just one of the many redistricting methods the GOP uses to keep the minority vote in charge of the state, by disenfranchising urban voting areas.

235. They put “President Trump” in their platform.

Withdraw from the UN, remove the UN from the US, reject the UN agenda, reject environmental programs, no American money, withdraw from Arms Treaty, and investigate China.

Just as Putin wants.

We need the UN now more than ever. They help with justice for international law, help victims of war, famine, and disasters, and provide a global forum to help diffuse tension in thee vent of war. That just scratches the surface. Pulling out of the UN would be a mistake and leave us vulnerable to our enemies.

236. Kids don’t matter unless they’re fetuses.

This treaty sets out the civil, political, economic, social, health, and cultural rights of children.

Why? I don’t know what the GOP has against kids, but they don’t seem to like them very much.

241. – 243. F#$% poor people.

They want whether or not a child on food stamps gets to eat to be “faith based.” Wtf? So, if a child comes from an atheist, Muslim, or Flying Spaghetti Monster family, they won’t have the right to eat? That’s what the entire rest of their platform is based on. Us verses them and our God versus everyone else’s.

Many states have done drug tests for receiving benefits and many states have wasted millions upon millions of dollars to discover, people on welfare generally aren’t drug users. Even though it’s been proven, the Texas GOP is still hanging on to this myth. Why?

Sure, it’s easy to say it’s because they are stupid. That’s obvious. But, it’s more than that. It’s about the inability to accept their own biases as unfounded lies. They don’t want to admit they’re wrong and will waste millions trying to prove it.

248. Faith base rehabilitation.

I feel like their platform is so repetitive. All you have to do is pray away your heroin addiction and God will cure you. In the meanwhile, we oppose needle exchange, so that drug users can pass around diseases that kill them. 🙄

255. Keep the prohibition on weed.

Despite the economic and societal benefits other states have proven. But, they are willing to move it to a Schedule 2 narcotic. Maybe that’s their idea of a compromise. Schedule 2 could lead to medical marijuana. However, the majority of Americans are in favor of ending the prohibition all together.

256. – 259. Poor people who can’t afford healthcare should die.

Texas already leads the nation with the number of people that die each year because of a lack of access to healthcare. Yet, according to the Texas GOP, that number just isn’t high enough.

282. Privatize the VA.

Because other forms of privatization in America have worked so well…NOT.

It’s just another way for greedy executives to profit on whether people get healthcare or not. It’s always in the best interest of the CEO and never of the person who needs the healthcare.

284. Did y’all know there was a porno crisis?

Hahahahahahahahahahah! 😂😂😂

291. Foreigners can’t come here.

More xenophobia. That’s all that this is. They don’t want refugees from other countries coming to America, no matter what the circumstances are in their own countries.

292. – 293. They really hate the 14th amendment.

I went over why they oppose the 14th amendment above. The 14th amendment has disrupted white supremacy in this country and the GOP, the party of hate, which is majority white, just can’t stand it.

In just a few years, white people will be the minority race in America, and that bothers them. The most important question we should all be asking, is WHY does that bother them?

297. Sanctuary cities.

Holy smokes, why are we going over this again? The purpose of sanctuary cities is to reduce crime. When an undocumented immigrant fears going to the police to report a crime, out of fear of being deported, crime goes unreported.

This has been explained to conservatives again and again, but they still don’t get it. Maybe they never will.

303. – 304. Hate not heritage.

The Civil War was based on slavery. Texas seceded from the Union over their right to keep slavery. The Confederates were pro-slavery. The end.

If you are pro-Confederate, you are taking the side of those who were pro-slavery. Not only that, these men launched a treasonous war against the American government. They were traitors. Period.

But you have ancestors who fought and/or died in the Civil War. So what? Any 5th, 6th, or 7th generation Southern can say the exact same. Just because they were related to you doesn’t mean they were racist traitors.

You have 16 great-great-grandparents, 32 great-great-great-grandparents, and 64 great-great-great-great-grandparents. That’s a total of 112 ancestors you can choose from that might have done something awesome. Stop focusing on the handful that launched a war against America to keep human beings as property.

316. They added “Homosexual Behavior,” to their platform.

And back it up with, “God.”

Discrimination and hatred disguised as religion.

Separation of church and state isn’t part of the 2nd amendment, which is why they are unfamiliar with it. If they were familiar with it, they would realize that this along with a large majority of their platform is unconstitutional.

317. – 321. Don’t marry who you love.

Republicans lack new ideas and know nothing about progress. They want to rewind back the hands of time, taking rights away from people, even though it has no barrier to their own lives.

This comes up again and again throughout their entire platform. The GOP simply cannot mind their own business and want to dictate how other people live their lives, even when it has no effect on them at all. It’s just dumb and positions they have built out of their own ignorance.

323. – 328. But, the babies!!

The GOP’s entire platform is based on hurting and in some cases even killing low income people, as well as minority groups, and the earth.

If everything on their platform became a reality, (which it won’t), America would live in a Dystopian world, where our streets are crumbling, people cannot afford food, millions would likely be dying from starvations, homelessness, and lack of healthcare. But by Golly, the GOP will save the babies.

Yet, after the babies are born, they life they will face will be harsh and cruel. They might be unwanted or they might be born to a mother who has no way to feed them. They might be born to a 13 year old girl who had to hide it from her parents, and get thrown in the trash.

If Republicans actually cared about babies, they would increase welfare programs, implement sex ed programs, allow schools to give a teenager condoms, or make sure that healthcare covered birth control.

The Republicans don’t care about babies, though. They care about being in everyone’s business and inflicting the most harm on society. If you don’t believe that statement is a fact, scroll back up to the top of this article, read it again, and let us know what other conclusions can be drawn.

2020 y’all need to vote as if your life depended on it.

Because it does. Every single facet of your life depends on it. If the Republicans win Texas again, all of our lives will become substantially harder and worse for the foreseeable future. Considering where humanity is with global warming if Republicans win again, they legitimately could put us in a position where Dystopian fiction becomes a reality.

Texas has to turn blue this year. If it doesn’t, we’re all going to be royally screwed.

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