Randy Weber Called the Left Crazy and said he’s Proud of Ivanka’s Beans

Randy Weber Called the Left Crazy and said he’s Proud of Ivanka’s Beans

There’s more. He then thanked God for the Trumps.

Lawd! Why are there so many wackadoos in Texas? There are so many, that there aren’t enough hours in the day to track them all.

(If any get missed, always feel free to email the page or message us on Twitter letting us know someone is going bonkers again. We’d love to write about it)

Congressman Randy Weber, from District 14. Wow. Just wow.

On the same day that America’s death toll rolls over 140,000, you accuse the left from trying to detract from how Trump is making America great again?

Oh, Randy. Aren’t you the same person who once went on TV, cried tears, and begged God to forgive America?

How many other deeply religious people do you know who call 140,000 dead Americans, making America great?

One hundred and forty thousand people, dead. How in any sense of reality, could that be great? 18.3% of Americans are either unemployed or marginally employed. Is that how Trump is making America great?

This is what we’ve come to expect from the American Tea Party. The sad thing is that I’m not sure if they have evolved or devolved. Really, it could go the either way.

Long gone are the days of middle-aged men LARPING in colonial outfits, marching down the street, with teabags hanging from their hats. The Tea Party has completely taken over the Republican Party, and hol-eyy shit, are these people off of their rockers.

In 2020, why are we even letting Tea Party candidates win, in any election? Do their values represent yours? What about the majority of people you know? Sure, many of us have an Uncle Bob or an Aunt named Karen, but thinking 140,000 people is “Making America Great,” is as crazy as a soup sandwich.

white and grey voting day sign

Texas’ Congressional District 14.

The last election that Randy Weber won, he won with only 26% of the Voting Age Population (VAP). That means that for every 4 eligible voters, only 1 voted for him. Those numbers are based on the 2010 census. 10 years later, the voting age population of District 14 is likely much higher. We’ll find out soon enough. (Did you fill out your census, by the way?)

You should be asking yourself:

When Randy Weber went on CNN spouting right-wing propaganda, was he someone that represented your ideas? When he was waving around frantically, screaming, “Benghazi,” did you think, “maybe this is someone I agree with.” How about when he compared Obama to Hitler.

These are not rational thoughts of a well adjusted individual.

Yet, we are allowing him to make decisions about our healthcare, their taxes, our bodies, and everything else.

We all have to get out and vote.

It isn’t enough anymore that we make sure we just take ourselves to the polls. How many non-voters do you know? We all know a few. It’s time to really have the “talk” with these folks.

Saying “I don’t pay attention to politics” or “My vote doesn’t count,” is the same bullshit that got us where we are in the first place. It’s time to talk to all of those non-voters and help them understand that the decisions our elected officials make effect every facet of our lives. Not voting can’t be good enough anymore.

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