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New Campaign Manager for Denton County Commission Court Candidate

Denton County Commissioners Court Candidate Sandy Swan Announces Emily Meisner is New Campaign Manager

DENTON, TEXAS — Sandy Swan, Democratic candidate for Denton County Commissioner Precinct 1, is proud to announce that Emily Meisner, fellow voting rights advocate, is now her campaign manager.

Emily Meisner

Ms. Meisner said, “Sandy was my mentor when I first got involved in politics. She helped me set up my first voter registration. She was also the first person I spoke with about my run for Denton City Council last year. I am happy to be able help her and proud to accept the position.”  

Emily Meisner brings a background of community engagement, as well as campaign and election experience to the position. An experienced educator, she became involved in city politics shortly after meeting Swan in January 2017. Swan encouraged her to become a Democratic precinct chair and later to run for office. Ms. Meisner founded the Denton Vote Group in 2017 and served on the League of Women Voters of Denton Board. She became an election worker and later the Elections Coordinator for the Denton County Democratic Primary, then Election Liaison for the County Party. She also has helped multiple candidates’ campaigns.

In 2018, Meisner began serving on the City of Denton, Zoning Board of Adjustment, where she remains today. She ran for Denton City Council, District 4, in 2019. 

As campaign manager, Meisner will help organize volunteers, network community connections, organize phone banks and encourage voters to turn out to the polls this November. Ms. Meisner stated, “I most enjoy helping candidates that authentically want to help and serve our community.  Sandy will do this job full time, as it deserves to be done. She’s in this to help the people of Denton County. The health and safety of our community is truly a priority for her, and that’s something I can get behind!”

Ms. Meisner stated she feels Swan is the right person for the job of Denton County Commissioner District 1: “Sandy has a master’s degree in Public Health. We need people with her experience and compassion on our County Commissioners Court to make the tough decisions we expect our elected officials to be able to make.” 

Swan believes it’s time for Denton County Commissioners to act. Noted Swan: “With surrounding school districts making plans to begin the next school year remotely, Denton County is falling behind on our opportunity to make the call to keep Denton County safe by recommending schools remain closed to in-person learning until our Covid numbers go down. Just because our hospitals are not hemorrhaging at the seams does not make it safe to send students to school in-person. It’s a delicate issue and a very tough decision, but one that needs to be made sooner than later.” 

Meisner supports Swan’s belief and call to action. 

She also fears for the community at large with sending students and teachers back in person in just a few short weeks. “We need Sandy’s voice on the Commissioners Court. We need people like her who will have our back as parents and teachers,” Meisner stated. 

Early Voting for the November 3 election is set for Oct. 13-30, 2020. Election Day voting is Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020.

Sandy Swan

A public health professional and community activist, Sandy Swan is a candidate for Denton County County Commissioner 1 who believes we need to change how we address public health and deal with county issues proactively rather than reactively.

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