McKinney Mayor Uses Lies to Attack Councilman

McKinney Mayor Uses Lies to Attack Councilman

A display in absurdity from Mayor George Fuller.

The situation in McKinney is astounding. It is rare that we get to see elected officials behave the way that McKinney Mayor George Fuller has been conducting himself. Yesterday if you missed it, I posted, “McKinney’s Lone Black Councilman Targeted for Speaking up for Black Lives.” After I wrote that, Mayor George Fuller posted this video on his Facebook page. 

Holy crap! What an act this guy is pulling. I have so many questions. Does he always talk in a soft tone of voice? Why does it sound like he smokes 3 packs of cigarettes a day? 


What he said was that he wasn’t planning on ending the meeting that way, so abruptly. He said there wasn’t dialog and Councilman Shemwell was yelling over him. He went on to say that the yelling wasn’t the only reason. 

Then, as Mayor Fuller’s voice shook and you could almost see a tear in his eye, he said he had become aware of 40 to 50 people who were called to be there by Councilman Shemwell and to meet violence with violence. There were people with AR15s, shotguns, and weapons, which was scaring the good white folk. And apparently, there were outsiders who blocking the front door.

Actually, if I were a drama teacher, I would applaud Mayor Fuller. I would have believed he was as petrified as he portrayed himself to be.

Too bad for him, there is video evidence showing he’s a liar.

And I don’t mean the video I had in the article yesterday, I mean there are other videos that show otherwise.

Someone should download these and post them publicly, before they get deleted. (Some of them are from the agitators.)

This video shows the minute or so before Mayor Fuller shut down the meeting. It shows the white man shouting a racial slur, and it shows the white man being escorted out the BACK DOOR.
Mayor Fuller admits on video, he is shutting the meeting down because of the bickering with Councilman Shemwell.
Video from one of the agitators, showing the white man who was yelling racial slurs, shows about 20 people in the lobby who were consoling Councilman Shemwell, and shows less than a dozen people speaking with Shemwell outside of the building.
The video I shared yesterday.

What does this mean?

It means, Mayor Fuller, all your fake fear is complete bullshit. 

There weren’t 40 to 50 people gathering outside armed, while the meeting was going on. We all know that because, within 5 minutes of the end of the meeting, there were only 20 people in the hall, and within 10 minutes of the end of the meeting, there were less than a dozen people who were outside. There’s video evidence of that. 

More so, several of the people who were armed outside in other videos, were seen on the videos above, inside the city hall, unarmed. Meaning they likely left their firearms outside. 

Fuller lied about the reason for shutting down the meeting. There are two separate videos showing George Fuller throwing a temper tantrum and shutting down the video because of his spat with Councilman Shemwell. Another lie from the Mayor.

What happened after that? Below is a direct repercussion of the attacks against Councilman Shemwell by George Fuller and other race-baiting agitators in the community. For La’Shadion Shemwell, these threats and attacks have been going on since he was elected, 3 years ago.

Just to be clear.

These are all McKinney residents and these are all directed toward Councilman La’Shadion Shemwell. If you are on the side with these people, shame on you. These are the people who are advocating to keep the Confederate statue, these are the people who are voting Republican, and these are the people who have been relentlessly harassing the Councilman. 

And Mayor Fuller speaking on “outside agitators, outsiders, non-McKinney residents?”

You mean like this guy, the one who’s shirt says “Legal Observer?” Or maybe his friends? So what if they are outsiders. The good ol’ boy days are gone. If you are a small shitkicker town or well-to-do suburb, if your black residents, activists, or elected officials are the target of racist harassment and threats, you can expect to see outsiders. Part of ending racism means it has to end in towns like Baytown, Gainesville, and McKinney. Allies will be showing up for those who are in need.

As it should be.

When they say Black Lives Matter, they don’t just mean the Black lives in Chicago, Detroit, or whatever this week’s racist’s hardon is for; they mean Black lives, even when the town’s demographics are 77% white, like McKinney. 

Do you want to talk about optics? While Mayor Fuller is race-baiting and making up lies about the only Black councilman, in a town that is 77% white; that same councilman is working for his community on issues which matter…like Black women found hung in garages. 

That says a lot about the characters of both of these men. 

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