Cities & Counties All Over TX Won’t Enforce Abbott’s Mask Mandate

Cities & Counties All Over TX Won’t Enforce Abbott’s Mask Mandate

Because nothing says patriotism like killing grandma for the economy.

One of the perks in living in a Red State. Aren’t we tired of this shit yet? November we all need to vote like our lives depend on it. Because these knuckle-dragging, Infowars watching, science-denying morons think that protecting each other from communicable disease is an infringement on their freedom. Damn, they are stupid.

Which cities and counties (with links)?

That’s all I was able to find, if you know of anymore, drop me a comment on Facebook and Twitter and I’ll update it.

We’re screwed.

Texas has the 3rd highest coronavirus case count in America. We’re still skyrocketing out of control and our death number is rising much more rapidly.

Sorry I don’t have better news.

Masks would reduce our new coronavirus cases by 80%. This entire thing has been politicized, thanks to Trump. Thousands have died from it and there is not immediate sign of it getting better any time soon.

Remember, local elections are just as important as state and federal elections, (if not more), these judges and sheriffs are voted in. It’s way past time, we vote them out.

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