July 4th in Texas Leaves Voters Scratching their Heads at GOP’s Choices

July 4th in Texas Leaves Voters Scratching their Heads at GOP’s Choices

GOP’s choices on this holiday leave Texans questioning their decision making skills.

Maybe the coronavirus finally broke them, but as we get deeper and deeper into 2020, it appears that the entire political arm of the GOP has gone completely off the rails, (farther than usual). It isn’t just the Texas GOP’s choices that should be raising alarms, it’s where their head is at. It’s like they are having a meltdown of some sort.

HD126 Rep Sam Harless and Harris County Judge Lincoln Goodwin

Sam Harless and Lincoln Goodwin got together in a Spring neighborhood with police and neighbors for fun and festive holiday coronavirus exchange. They even posed for pictures. No masks, no social distancing. In Harris County, where Texas’ worst coronavirus hot spot is.

Don’t they look like their having fun? We’ll update you more on this after they get their positive tests back in a few weeks.

Chip Roy

Our second favorite loony toons Congressman, Chip Roy is having some type of meltdown on Twitter.

Something about canceling cancel culture, a rooster, and Mark Zuckerberg. Your guess is about as good as ours at deciphering what on earth he’s talking about.

I wonder if he’ll ever see the irony of his “cancel cancel culture” hashtag.

SD28 Senator Charles Perry

This numskull is urging Abbott to call a special session, so legislators can stop Abbott from overreaching on their constitutional freedom to not wear masks and catch the COVID.

Slinging mud is this district’s GOP’s choice.

Congressional GOP hopeful for CD23 apparently got some dirt on Raul Reyes JR, another GOP hopeful vying for Will Hurd’s old seat.

Entertaining to watch, but unfortunately for both of those gentleman, the 23rd Congressional District is flipping blue this year.

Lance Gooden

This CD5 Congressman attacked Collin Kaepernick for saying he was looking forward to liberation for all.

Ector County Republican Party

It would seem that Ector County Republican Party Executive Committee has reportedly voted to censure Greg Abbott for apparently violating the GOP’s core principals.

Which is…limited government, screw the dead people.

Ted Cruz.

This moron said today that the left and teachers hate America.

No, Ted, we just hate you.

How did we get here?

Non-voting, that’s how. This November we have to get every single one of them up for election out NOW. These people are bonkers and they have the keys.

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