Gainesville’s July 8th Protest Against the Confederate Monuments

Gainesville’s July 8th Protest Against the Confederate Monuments

The Armed militia members didn’t show up, but a lot of racists were still there. Jessica Luther Rummel filmed all of it.

There was a big difference in the Gainesville protest against the Confederate monuments than the video we saw last week. The biggest one being, which is apparent right away, the large groups of white men in tactical gear and brandishing AR15s, were nowhere to be seen.

Another difference is that there was a bigger police presence and the police were actually standing on the protester’s side of the street this time.

Jessica had some phone issues, so the live video this time, is in 2 videos. No big deal. The video to the left is the first one. But, if you are just here to see the videos and not read the commentary, you’ll have to scroll down for the other one.

And very early on, about 12 minutes in, there was already multiple people standing on the lawn, with Confederate flags. Giant Confederate flags, with smiley faces.

A discussion with the chief.

Jessica had a chance to talk with Gainesville Police Chief Kevin Phillips. She confronted him about the officer who was participating in the calls for the armed militia to come out to Gainesville. He was unaware of it, he didn’t know the deputy because he works for Cooke County and not the city.

She asked the Chief if he thought it was appropriate. The Chief replied he was staying neutral in those types of things. He added that it was not something that he would do himself.

He also said that they are not enforcing Abbott’s mask order, because he doesn’t have an order to detain a person. Which, is apparently some sort of confusion about the way the order is written. Jessica asked, “Normally when executive orders are confusing to you, you just let it ride?” To which he responded, “We just don’t enforce it.” (That’s at about the 20-minute mark)


The woman you see holding the “All Black fetuses matter” and “BLM is Marxist,” her name is Karen.

No, really, her name is Karen. Jessica giggled when she said her name and she looked at Jessica, very seriously and said, “Why is that funny?”

She then told Jessica that Black fetuses are being killed by the thousands by Planned Parenthood.

Typical Republican propaganda. What do black fetuses have to do with Confederate monuments? Your guess is as good as mine.

Karen also said that the coronavirus was just like the flu or the common cold.

Tons of Confederate flags.

Here were many of the Confederate flags I screenshot in just the first 40 minutes of the first video.

There were several trucks riding driving back and forth in front of the protesters with Confederate flags flying out of the back of their pickup trucks. One of them got pulled over for blowing a train horn. They really are some obnoxious sons of bitches.

And stupid as hell.

People are there protesting Confederate monuments and what it represents and its message, the pro-Confederates keep saying it’s “Heritage, Not Hate.” But if it was really about heritage and not hate, what do they think would be accomplished by driving back and forth with symbology, (the Confederate flag), in the front of the people protesting that symbology, (the Confederate monuments).

Do they think that’s a kind or friendly gesture? No, it’s aggressive, obnoxious, and hateful. Yet, they want you to believe that they behave hatefully because of heritage…and not hate.

In the Trump era, not a day has gone by when I haven’t thought, “What the hell is wrong with these people?”

Randy Webb with Custard City Baptist Church in Gainesville.

I would like to vote for this man to be the next poster child of privilege.

As PRO Gainesville was getting ready to speak, this elderly gentleman walked up to the top steps of the courthouse and hollered for everyone’s attention.

He was not affiliated with the event and when questioned about it, said he didn’t want the Confederate monuments removed, either.

Then he tried to give a sermon. He said he wanted to pray for the protesters, but not before he could preach to them and recite scripture.

His reason for doing this, he said was freedom of speech.

The gall of this man who approached the protest, didn’t agree with them or what they were protesting, and decided he needed to preach to them.

They said they would pray with him, but they didn’t want to listen to his preaching. The protest organizers finally got on their PA and began speaking over him. They paused when he finally started praying and started praying with him.

His prayer was really long winded, prayed for God to not allow violence at the protest, and included parts of the pledge of allegiance. 🙄

Denton County NAACP President, Willie Hudspeth

Willie Hudspeth was in attendance, he spoke to the crowd, said a quick prayer, and even said he would pray for Karen and her Black fetuses sign.

Jessica got a chance to speak.

Unfortunately, this is where her phone glitched out. So, we don’t get to hear all of her speech. But what she said was important.

She spoke to white allies and said it is time for them to speak up to our Uncles at Thanksgiving and at Bubu’s birthday party.

She’s right and it’s a good message.

The second video.

The second video begins with the speakers of PRO Gainesville. They said that since 2015, there have 485 people shot and killed by police in the state of Texas. Then they read each one of those names.

While that was going on, the protesters were marching in front of the courthouse in silence.

And the “counter-protesters?”

They stood across the street shouting “All lives matter,” and “Stop killing police and fetuses.”

The Hispanic Heritage Foundation was there and spoke about Vanessa Guillen.

Their speaker, Johnny, was also fantastic, he spoke to the assholes across the street, and asked, “If all lives matter, then get the kids out of the cages.” He said he would tell them to go back to their own country, (The Confederate States), but that country doesn’t exist anymore.

Jessica got a chance to speak to local residents, Black and Hispanic, including some elderly women who had some fantastic stories of the past. They acknowledged that racism in Gainesville still exists.

Johnny included, that many of them are keyboard warriors. When he seems them in town, they aren’t blatantly racist, but then they get online and say “build a wall,” or “go back to Mexico.

PRO Gainesville shared their plans.

Aside from getting deputized to help register more people to vote, they had someone there who could have helped them register right away.

They said they are taking a week off from protesting. The elected officials there are supposed to meet about the Confederate monuments next week. They are giving elected officials a week to come up with a plan of action to remove the Confederate monuments in front of the courthouse, another one at a park, and rename the 3 schools in the area named after Confederate soldiers.

Fired for racist harassment.

46 minutes into the second video, Jessica ran into a woman who was being harassed at her job with racism. When the woman filed a report with the police department, her job fired her.

Karen #2

Immediately following, Jessica bumped into the obnoxious lady from last week. If you actually watched any of the videos, she was the blonde woman in the middle of the street jumping around and obnoxiously yelling. We’ll just call her blind Karen.

Jessica told her about the threats she had got online from the people that blind Karen was with last week. Blind Karen said she didn’t believe it. Jessica offered to show her the screenshot, the blind Karen said no, because they would be photoshopped.

“Just like I photoshopped in the Confederate flag? Like that one over there?” Jessica said.

There was a Confederate flag in full visibility right across the street from blind Karen. That’s one of the rumors going around Gainesville from Jessica’s video last week, was the Confederate flags were photoshopped in. They never bothered to watch any of the videos and it was shared dozens of times in an attempt to discredit both Jessica and Living Blue in Texas.

If they only bothered to watch… literally any of the videos. Besides Jessica’s video, there are a handful of other ones floating around on Facebook and can be easily found. Yes, the stupid, it burns.

Karen #3.

This woman was a real peach. Her sign says, “Proud to be an American. I protest the inciting of violence and division in my hometown.” We’ll just call her confused Karen

Jessica asked asked her, “You must mean the armed militia that showed up last week.”

Confused Karen looked dead at Jessica and said, “No you. You’re inciting violence.”

Jessica responded, “So, you don’t think that the men pointing weapons at protesters was inciting violence.”

Confused Karen said, “I don’t believe in guns and I don’t believe in the confederate flag neither.”

“But you stood with them,” Jessica said.

Confused Karen responded, “I sure did and I’m proud of them. Because I was incited into anger.” They bantered back and forth until the woman said, “I don’t understand why you’re coming here to cause trouble.”

Jessica continued to engage confused Karen until she got flustered and said, “Just go away.”

It isn’t just confused Karen, it’s many in her camp, they are all angry at people speaking up for equality, but can’t articulate why they’re angry. The also can’t articulate any factual reasons why they support Confederate monuments. The heritage, not hate is bullshit, because they express that opinion in a hateful manor.

Mr. Almost Adorable

Then there was Mr. Almost Adorable, (who I couldn’t get a clear screenshot of), as Jessica walked by he made a heart for her and said, “I love you.” (54 minutes in video 2)

At that point he was Mr. Adorable. Then he started talking about digging up bones and we shouldn’t care what happened 200 years ago. So, he lost all adorableness, but not before Jessica told him that’s because he had white privilege and walked away.

Mr. You’re wrong but I can’t tell you why.

He asked if Jessica was the one from the Living Blue in Texas article a few days ago. He said there were things in that article that were factually incorrect. She asked him what and he tried to pull it up on his phone because he couldn’t remember what it was.

That entire article was based on Jessica’s video, it was a summary of everything that happened.

Anyone that has been following my blog knows, that Living Blue in Texas ALWAYS shows our work. We never post things that cannot be substantiated. For example, “26 Reasons John Cornyn Needs to be Voted Out in 2020,” is almost a 3,000 word article completely based on his voting record and has links directly to votes that he cast directly in the senate. There are over 100 links to sources in that one article alone.

Or when we talked about Nathan Hecht’s corruption in, “The Most Important State Elections No One is Talking About,” we only linked reputable sources with publications online, including things that happened in the 80s and 2000s.

In the world of Conservative lies, we know how important it is to back up what you say with facts and sources.

At any time, if Living Blue in Texas does or has posted something that is misleading or unclear, we encourage those to reach out to us, Facebook or Twitter is usually the quickest way, and let us know what is wrong, and we will correct it if there was an error. That being said, let’s address these guys real quick.

To those spreading lies and false information in Gainesville related to Jessica’s video or our follow up article.

PRO Gainesville, not anyone from the “counter-protesters” side, did approach me and did ask me to make corrections, which I did.

  1. They wanted to let me know that not all of the “counter-protesters” were white supremacists and some of them were there with their guns in order to shoot stop looters. If you go back to the first article, you can see I added that at the very top of the article.
  2. PRO Gainesville had to get a permit on the Monday before the protest, not a week before as I initially heard in the conversation.

Next, the biggest thing going around is how the Confederate flag was supposedly photoshopped into Jessica’s videos and my screenshots of the videos. I addressed this above, Jessica’s video as well as others can be found on Facebook.

Living Blue in Texas’ Facebook page has been around for 7 years, so trolls know where to find us. And they did about this article, here is what they were saying is wrong, and why they are full of shit.

“If you wanted to shake hands with the chief of police and say hello. He’s not going to be rude!!”

This one was guy’s response to the heading of the article, which said, “As police chit-chatted and shook hands with the racists.” Which is so dumb, because he was saying that was the reason it was fake news…because the police chief was just being “nice.” So, it did happen, which can be proven on video, but it’s fake because the chief was just being polite. Even though during the entire 4 hour video, not once did the chief come over and chit-chat or shake hands with the protesters.

This argument is fucking stupid. If you really wanted to use this as an argument to discredit Jessica or Living Blue, the way you articulate it is, “the police chief was only being polite to the white supremacists.”

“So explain why they were shouting BLM. And not just take the statue down. Just wondering cause it didn’t make sense to me.”

This is in regards to the first article making fun of JP McWilliams saying he did 2 hours worth of research and found out that PRO Gainesville was actually Black Lives matter in disguise and that Black Lives Matter secretly goes by 187 different names.

So, this man who posted this on our Facebook page didn’t understand why the protesters would be chanting “Black Lives Matter,” unless they were part of Black Lives Matter.

How fucking racist do you have to be to say that you don’t understand why people of color would be against the systematic murders of other people of color, unless they belong to one certain group.

Black lives matter to everyone who want to see an end to systematic racism. Black lives matter to anyone that is sick of seeing unarmed Black men and women killed by police. Why is this so hard for y’all to understand?

Of course, that conversation ended when I said to the guy, “Bye, Felicia,” and he accused me of name-calling. Because I called him Felicia…

Anyway, moving on.

The last hour of the second video.

This was pretty much just everything winding down. Jessica gave a monologue about social justice, privileged, and equal rights. Then she got a chance to talk to several people about the difference in this week’s protest compared to last. Everyone agreed, this week was different, much more relaxed and unnerving.

Last week there were dozens of armed men there, this week they were not in sight. Last week the police stood with the “counter-protesters” and had little interaction with the protesters. This week not only did they interact with the protesters more, they also had an increased presence. Plus, the NAACP brought private security with them, that helped the protesters feel more safe.

The drama in Gainesville with the Confederate monuments is ongoing and probably will be ongoing until the Confederate symbology worship comes to an end at the government level. Living Blue in Texas will keep y’all updated of any news regarding the Confederate monuments and protests going on up there.

Stay tuned.

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