Armed White Militia Confronted a Peaceful Protest in Gainesville

Armed White Militia Confronted a Peaceful Protest in Gainesville

As police chit-chatted and shook hands with the racists they knew on a first-name basis.

(Update: A few things. After this article was published, it was brought to my attention that not all of the “counter-protesters” were from Gainesville, like JP McWilliams. Some were, but many of them came from out of town. Also, some of the “counter-protesters” professed not to be white supremacists or Klan supporters but claimed to show up armed to stop “looters,” which is why they sided with the racists.)

Y’all, check out this video from Wednesday night, (7/1/2020), in Gainesville posted on Facebook Live. This chick did such an amazing job documenting the situation. This video is 4 hours long and doesn’t tell the entire story, but you know I’ll give y’all the skinny of everything.

There is a Confederate monument on the courthouse square in Gainesville, TX. (Which is the Cooke County seat). If you aren’t from up here, Gainesville is way far north, about 15 minutes from the Oklahoma border.

How it started.

There is a group in Gainesville called PRO (Progressive rights organization) Gainesville. PRO Gainesville has been protesting the Confederate monument there for about a month now.

Their protests have been stationary and they finally set up their first march for July 1st.

In comes JP McWilliams.

Right now, it is unclear who JP McWilliams is exactly, whether he is a high ranking member with the Klan, a leader of a racist militia, or just a Confederate sympathizer that knows a lot of people.

Apparently, he was the organizer of an armed confrontation against a Black Lives Matter protest in Belton, TX a few days back. I don’t have all of the information about that one, yet, but I’ll have it to fill y’all in soon.

JP McWilliams found out that PRO Gainesville was planning a march and he got on Facebook to make a call to arms, encouraging other white militia to come out and meet the March with a “show of force,” (that video is public on his Facebook page, linked above).

On the same video, this moron goes on to assert that PRO Gainesville is actually Black Lives Matter…in disguise. Then informed his followers that he had intel that Black Lives Matter was changing their name to try to hide who they really were…and he discovered that after two hours of investigating. (Seriously. Yeah. he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer.)

JP McWilliams

According to him, Black Lives Matter goes by 187 different names, apparently. Oh, and you know his friends commenting on the video reminded him all 187 were Soros funded.

So, all of JP’s friends showed up.

It is absolutely amazing that this entire incident was documented. If it wasn’t, none of us would have ever known about it.

Aside from this awesome guy in full tactical gear and a heavy scarf in 95° weather, a large majority of the “counter-protesters” weren’t wearing masks. When they did engage in dialog with the protesters, they weren’t engaging in social distancing and would intentionally breathe on the person.

The permit guidelines were NOT the same.

“We got our permit turned in on Monday. They got there’s the day of. Also the police chief threatened to ticket me because I told him we were going to lead the march off to a secondary public location for safety reasons for a moment. He said my permit of the megaphone doesn’t go off the courthouse so he’d write me a ticket. We did it anyways.” PRO Gainesville

The lady of the video, Jessica, did confront the Police Chief, who said they pull people over for loud radios all of the time and that a megaphone would be a nuisance.

When Jessica further pressed him, he walked away.

At that point, (30 minutes into the protest), no other police had show up. Although they did show up within the next 10 minutes after that.

When police finally did show up, they stood in front of the “counter protesters,” even though they were clearly the aggressor.

Of course, from the very beginning of the video until the end, the “counter protesters” were screaming at the protesters, “All lives matter and Mexican lives matter.” (Maybe someone could explain that one to me.)

Gainesville Police were not doing their job.

Gainesville Police Chief

It is clear through the entire video that Gainesville police and Cooke County Sheriffs, (who were also out there), picked a side. And it wasn’t the side of the people who were against racism, against slavery, and wanted a fair and equal society.

“Counter protesters” outnumbered actual protesters by 2:1.

The protesters marched on the sidewalk, as they were not allowed to march in the street. At this point, (the 50 minute mark), it is clear that the protesters obtained a permit so they could walk together without a megaphone, on the side walk; all while “counter protesters” shouted profanities and held guns to try and intimidate.

A few photos by this point:

Yep, that’s where it was.

Jessica took a lot of abuse.

If you get a chance to watch the 4 hour video, Jessica is totally awesome. She narrates the entire video perfectly and injects points of local history while doing it. The “counter protesters” shouted insults at her, along with physical threats.

Yet, she calmly and collectively was able to talk about the Great Hanging of Gainesville (look it up) and previous Klan rallies that happened in Gainesville 100 years ago.

The most hilarious thing is when she’s yells at the racists, “Yay! America!,” then all the “counter protesters” cheer, then she says something about how America kicked the Confederate’s ass. All of the white people stop cheering and with a solemn face, just stare at her in silence. Crickets.

The most hilarious thing is when she’s yells at the racists, “Yay! America!,” then all the “counter protesters” cheer, then she says something about how America kicked the Confederate’s ass. All of the white people stop cheering and with a solemn face, just stare at her in silence. Crickets.

How telling is that?

All on video.

This movement is about remembering history.

The other morning I was listening to Morning Joe, (don’t judge me, you listen, too), and they had an entire segment where they were discussing how large in part, Americans haven’t been taught much of American history. Thanks United Daughters of the Confederacy.

I’ve heard more conversations about history these last few months, than any other time in my life. And as it turns out, there is a lot of actual history that white people were never taught. In fact the narrative is completely different.

Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

Jessica repeatedly tried to file police reports on noise ordinances the Police Chief said the protesters had to abide by, as well as threats made against her life.

This man in the pictures below told Jessica that the dot on her head was a target. If you recognize him, please contact the Gainesville department.

She told the police officer that was standing nearby, that she wanted to file a report on this man. The police officer (pictured below), played stupid, wouldn’t file her report, and then refused to give her name and badge number

Officer Katy Cagle, who refused to identify herself.

The Gainesville Police.

That wasn’t the first police officer she tried to file a report with, she was the second. The third was officer Ryan Walker, badge 326.

Then around the 2 hour and 35 minute mark, Ronnie Horner Jr. approached Jessica and called her a “cunt nugget.” Seriously. Her reaction was hilarious.

Then there eventually came a confrontation of both groups.

Officer Ryan Walker
Ronnie and friend
Armed Confederates
Ronnie Horner Jr. 

This man in the picture below also threatened Jessica, if you recognize him please report him to police. Jessica tried again to file a report with officers standing near by, who were congregating with the white people, they also pretended to not hear her.

There is a lot going on in Gainesville, TX. OK, it’s Trump country, but if this video proves anything. It is most of all, that Ku Klux Klan is still alive and thriving in North Texas.

This is why Texas needs a change.

These people have thrived under Conservatives in rural Texas for years. It’s time for the non-voters of rural Texas, (there are a lot of y’all) to vote. The Confederate reign needs to end.

Vote. Vote like you are the next target of these people. Because if we win, we can fix education, reform the police, and stop these domestic terrorists from continuing to target the left and people of color.

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