Chip Roy’s Chief of Staff, Wade Miller, goes Unhinged and Racist on Social Media

Chip Roy’s Chief of Staff, Wade Miller, goes Unhinged and Racist on Social Media

His feeds are filled rage, racism, profanity, and threats.

Wade Miller, who is Chief of Staff for Chip Roy, also works for far-right Empower Texans, and has a history with the Heritage Foundation, is the epitome the modern day Conservative party. Several screenshots of Miller’s social media posts have been making the rounds today, they show him to be ignorant, unhinged, angry, confrontational, and racist. For example, take this post he made on his Facebook page:

This school principal was fired for basically writing an “All lives matter,” statement on her social media. You can see her full statement as well as the school board’s here.

Wade Miller’s response is indicative of his beliefs. The principal wrote something ignorant and prejudice, and Miller said she was demonstrating thoughtful leadership, critical thinking, principles, and integrity.

There is a total disconnect from his unhinged perspective and reality.

He responded to someone on Twitter over the Rayshard Brooks case like this:

Seriously, that’s how he talks to people he agrees with. And the right wonders why we can’t have civil discourse.

Then, his love (and over-use) of the word “thug” or “thugs,” is more than a racist dog-whistle. It’s a full blown horn.

How Miller really feels.

As we all know, thug today is a polite way of using the N-word. The word means two things, just like the N-word, (it means one thing one a black person says it and a completely different thing when said by whites). Most of us are sophisticated enough to wrap our heads around that. This has been the case for many years now, yet, the far-right still can’t seem to get it.

Wade Miller is also a history denier, who is uneducated about the Southern Strategy.

Or maybe he’s just one of those idiots who think the Southern Strategy didn’t happen, despite the mountains of evidence.

Then there was these:

These were two separate Tweets to Chip Roy‘s opponent, Wendy Davis, who is pro-choice.

The sheer hatred from this young man is absolutely terrifying. If Texas had red-flag laws, he would be someone who would definitely have a red flag raised against him.

Then there were the tweets he liked:

Many of his tweets have disappeared.

As I was writing this, many of his tweets started disappearing, then he posted this:

Now he’s nice, peaceful, and apologetic. Why? Because he got caught? Because he didn’t want to risk his job? Because he didn’t want his employer to get mad?

Instead of apologizing, Wade, why just try not to be a completely deplorable, psychotic, and shitbag of a human being.

Because if you were REALLY sorry, you’d either confront or delete and block all of the racists on your Facebook, too. Yep, we have screenshots of that, too.

Perhaps Chip Roy’s constituents were calling and complaining about the screenshots being passed around on social media.

At least we were able to get a few more screenshots…

Silence is complicity.

The Republican party is dead y’all. From the federal government, to the state government, to our neighbors and peers; they have all been taken over by extreme right-wing lunatics. There is no difference from Cynthia Brehm and Wade Miller. This is who they are.

As for Chip Roy, don’t blame him, he doesn’t have control over Wade Miller’s character. Roy himself, has shown himself to be unhinged and hateful. Undoubtedly, these tweets are only a glimmer of the conversations they have every day in the office.

The only way our country will ever get back to normal is when all of these psychos are out of public office.

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