Tuesday in Twilight Zone, Texas

Tuesday in Twilight Zone, Texas

Everyday in 2020 is filled with something new.

In Twilight Zone, Texas today we learned we had 7,959 new coronavirus cases. An all-time high. We have the fourth highest cases in the county and while it looks like we’re headed for the highest, the two Governors of Texas and Florida appear to be having a contest to see who could be the biggest dumbass.

Today, 59 Texans also lost their lives to COVID-19, bringing the total Texans perished to 2,496 because Greg Abbott cared more about making his donors happy than keeping Texans safe.

Dr. Fauci said he wouldn’t be surprised if we hit 100,000 per day nationally if drastic measures weren’t made soon. Meanwhile, in Texas, a bar owner in Kilgore announced his plans for a protest of bars shutting down. He is calling this protest, “Bar Lives Matter.” Other bar owners are suing Abbott.

Everything is just fine.

Judge Jenkins sent a letter to Abbott urging more safety measures. Abbot hasn’t responded yet. Austin is headed for a stage 5 shutdown. And Houston has started transferring COVID patients to other cities because they don’t have any more room.

Is it over yet?

Chris Cumo was trending on Twitter today.

Although, it’s unclear which one of these clips is the reason for it. Regardless, both of them will make you smile.

Apparently Fox’s favorite white supremacist, Tucker Carlson, also had some type of meltdown today. It’s almost like Fox realizes how bad things are looking for Trump and are now abandoning ship.

Texas Dems are fired up and we HAVE to keep the momentum going!

So far, 165,007 Democrats have turned out to early vote in person or by mail for the run-off elections. Yet, only 103,233 Republicans have turned out. There is still two weeks of early voting and election day coming.

If Democrats show up to the polls we win. Period.

While we all might live in the Twilight Zone now. By November we’ll all be surfing a big blue wave!

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