Ted Cruz Just Challenged a 70-Year-Old Man to Fight Another Man

Ted Cruz Just Challenged a 70-Year-Old Man to Fight Another Man


Here is his tweet, for as long as it’s up. I have a feeling with the backlash he’s getting, he might try and delete. (We have screenshots)

He’s picking fights for someone else.

The old “my dad can beat up your dad” scenario. Likely a tactic Cruz has used many times before.

Perlman, (did I mention he’s 70-years-old?), said nope, how about some mono a mono, instead?

Yes, he told Ron Perlman to get a manicure.

All of this is going on while people are dying.

Ok, so… How did we get here?

70-year-old Ron Perlman, best known for his roles on Hellboy and the Sons of Anarchy talked some smack about Matt Gaetz over the weekend.

They had some shots back and forth, with Perlman ending that if it wasn’t for Jim Jordan, Gaetz would be the ugliest politician.

The ol’ Ted comes out of nowhere and challenges Perlman to a wrestling match… with Jim Jordon.

Perlman handled it well.

The entire thing is just embarrassing. Ted Cruz is a US Senator, he should at least act with some dignity.

Republicans are literally insane.

There’s more.

As of 1:00 pm today, there are 118,000 Americans who have died of coronavirus. Nearly 2,000 from Texas. Which ironically is about the rate of new infections we are going up each day.

This just shows us all where Ted Cruz’s priorities are. Which is not with the people of Texas.

Really, what kind of wimp volunteers another grown man to fight his battles? We all thought he was soft when he bowed to Trump after he dogged his wife and father; but this is right up there with being spineless.

Jim Jordan still has not responded on whether or not he would be Cruz’s champion and fight for him.

In the last election Ted Cruz was in, 11.4 million eligible voters in Texas did not vote.

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