Why Didn’t Abbott Include Tarrant County in Executive Order?

Why Didn’t Abbott Include Tarrant County in Executive Order?

And what the hell is going on with Tarrant County numbers?

Yesterday, Greg Abbott issued an executive order that cut back elective surgeries in Harris, Dallas, Bexar, and Travis counties. Why wasn’t Tarrant county on that list? Tarrant has a much higher coronavirus case count than both Bexar and Travis county.

The total case count and new case count in Tarrant is soaring.

Maybe I’m missing something here. If you know what it is, comment down below or send me a message.

But, something doesn’t seem right.

Look at the numbers.

A few days ago, I wrote about how Texas has essentially gerrymandered the hospitalization map, in order to make area seem like they had more hospital beds than they actually do.

As of today, ‘Region E,’ (which is Dallas, Tarrant, Collin, Denton, Cooke, Wise, Ellis, Johnson, Rockwall, and Palo Pinto counties), has a total of 419 ICU beds available. That is according to DSHS.

As of today, 259 of those ICU beds are in the city of Dallas. Which leaves only 160 available ICU beds for the entire rest of the region.

The rest of the region.

Collin County has a total of 74 ICU beds. McKinney Mayor, George Fuller has been posting updates on his Facebook page, as of today Collin County is only using 34% of their ICU beds. Which means they have 49 beds available.

That puts the region’s total available ICU beds down to 111.

Denton County is reporting they have 69 ICU beds available.

Now, that put’s the region’s total ICU beds down to 42.

Now, even if Cooke, Wise, Ellis, Johnson, Rockwall, and Palo Pinto counties had 0 ICU beds, (which some of them do because they don’t have an ICU in those counties), and all 42 of those available beds were in Tarrant County, (which is unlikely, but we’re going to go with that), that would put Tarrant County at 89% capacity.

There are a total of 362 ICU beds in Tarrant County.

If there are 362 total beds and they have 42 available, that’s only 11%.

But they are doing some fishy stuff with their coronavirus dashboard.

First, they are not making their ICU beds available or used immediately apparent. You have to go to their hospital capacity numbers to find it. When you do, they are showing how many people are in an ICU bed for coronavirus. Today they are reporting 222 COVID patients in ICU beds, but then they say it’s 2.14% of patients in ICU beds.

And if you’re thinking 362 – 222 doesn’t equal 42, you’re right, but you have to remember that ICU beds are not just for COVID patients, they are also for heart attack victims, car crash survivors, etc.

This has got Republicans in Tarrant county under the impression that 2.14% of ICU beds are being used, when what Tarrant county is telling us is that of ALL of the patients in Tarrant county hospitals, COVID or not, only 2.14% are in ICU beds. Which…OK. That means nothing and it seems like a deceptive way to fudge the numbers.

Tarrant County ICU may be close to capacity. Which is why we need transparency more than ever.

What’s the difference between Tarrant and the other 4 counties on Abbott’s executive order?

Dallas County Judge – Democrat and cares about his constituents.

Harris County Judge – Democrat and cares about her constituents.

Travis County Judge – Democrat and cares about her constituents.

Bexar County Judge – Democrat and cares about his constituents.

Tarrant County Judge – Republican and cares about businesses first.

Right now, we can only speculate, but likely the Democratic judges of those 4 counties were raising a fuss to Greg Abbott so he threw them a bone. Tarrant county judge likely said nothing or is kissing up to Abbott.

Regardless, if you live in Tarrant County, it is time to call your elected official and demand transparency. If you or your family member gets sick and there is no ICU to treat them in, they could die. You have the right to know what your risk is.

Call your congressperson! 

To find out who your representatives are, go HERE!

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