Wait, Y’all are Surprised There are Racist Republicans in Texas?

Wait, Y’all are Surprised There are Racist Republicans in Texas?

In other news, water is wet.

Undoubtedly, by now you have all heard that today 4 GOP leaders were caught spouting racism and hate news on social media. Kieth Nielsen, Sue Piner, Lee Lester, and Cynthia Brehm. Ya’ll remember Cynthia Brehm, recently we wrote about now only how stupid she was, but also how she was telling people during the coronavirus to not wear masks and hug.

Then, later tat afternoon, it came out that Sid Miller was sharing the same type of bullshit. (We’ll get to this one)

The next day brought a report of 7 more GOP leaders caught in racist rhetoric.

Suddenly the whole Texas GOP is anti-racist.

Greg Abbott, Dan Crenshaw, Donna Campbell, among others have called for two if these people step down. Not all of them, but just two.

It’s an election year. Texas is on the verge of turning blue. It’s a desperate attempt to fool the Texas voters to think they suddenly care about black issues, black lives, and racism.

But, we know better.

The last few days Twitter has been blowing up with exposing racist incidents and people in Texas. Wylie, Baytown, Texas A&M, and the GOP are all taking the brunt of it, (so far). Since this is what we’re doing now, Living Blue in Texas will gladly jump on this bandwagon.

Sid Miller

Sid Miller is notoriously racist. The Living Blue in Texas Facebook page has been tracking and reporting on him for years. Not only has Greg Abbott not called for his resignation, he also never called for his resignation in his previous racist incidents. Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

In 2018, he posted a Photoshop picture of Whoopi Goldberg on his Facebook page shooting Donald Trump. Then he liked a comment about lynching Cory Booker. And he was happy about this fake news story he shared about Trump removing Muslims from being judges. Of course, he’s gotten heat more than once for sharing fake news on Facebook.

Sid Miller also said in 2015, there was no difference between a rattlesnake and a refugee.

That was the same year he said he wanted to slap people who said happy holiday instead of merry Christmas. There’s more, a lot more. Stretching back to 2014 and 2015, but the links are now dead.

Not only has NO ONE in the Texas Republican party ever spoke out against Sid Miller’s racism or asked for his resignation; he was hired to join the Trump administration.

Racism in the Republican Party

We’re still on memory lane. It’s a long street.

So, remember that time the GOP tried to block and take away a banner that says “No Racism. No Hate.”

Yep, it’s going to be that type of trip.

Because this is what the Karens and Brads of the world do. Engage in racism and then block it, like it doesn’t exist. Like these dingbats, last year, who said Trump wasn’t racist because he never said a color.

Remember when the Trump campaign kicked out a group of black students at one of his campaign rallies, even though although wanted to do was hear him speak. Or when Eric Trump said 95% of America was racist, (even though he meant Trump supporters)

Okay, okay, we all know Donald Trump is a racist. But what about the rest of them?

You know, like that time Romney told this caught on video racist joke at a fund raiser?

Or how about the time Rush Limbaugh made racist comments during the Ferguson riots about how black people were rioting because they vote democrat. (Rush makes a lot of racist comments though, we all know that)

Or the time when Fox News guest said, Whites might shoot up more black churches if Obama keeps calling them racist.

Oh, but we’re just talking about Texas. Right.

Remember when white supremacist nationalist, Richard Spencer, was going to give a Nazi-rhetoric laced speech at Texas A&M and the Aggies ran him off? In turn, because of that incident, Greg Abbott passed a protect hate speech bill, he called it “College Free Speech.” It allows people like Richard Spencer and groups like the KKK to assemble without a permit and distribute material, no matter how racist and ugly it is.

Who can forget when the couple that owned the San Antonio farmers marker was ran out of town over a racist outburst they had?

And the problems with racism in police departments isn’t just in Baytown, in 2019 a slew of police officers from Dallas to Denton were caught making racist posts online.

2015 – 2016 really brought out the worst in people.

Like in Austin, when someone was going around and putting whites only stickers on businesses. Or when that woman in Guadalupe County attacked an interracial couple. And no one could forget this racist asshole from Orange, TX.

That same year, the Counter Jade Helm leader said he smiles when blacks are killed.

Oh, but you want to know just about elected officials in Texas?

Well, aside from Sid Miller, and the hate speech thing with Greg Abbott, there is plenty.

Check out this 2017 article from the Dallas Morning News called, “Abbott represents one of the most bigoted governorships in the country.” They specifically call him out on how he has adopted or defended laws that are anti-Mexican, anti-Hispanic, anti-black and oh-so-slyly anti-LGBT. It’s a good read.

I will say this, not only are we able to see how racist Abbott’s history was while he was AG and on the supreme court of Texas, we also have direct quotes from his first campaign where he invoked Charles Murray, a man who believed that women and minorities were inferior.

Just like Trump, with Abbott, we all knew what was coming after he was elected.

Do y’all remember that sheriff deputy in Hemphill, back in 2015, that shared KKK stuff on his Facebook and then said he was going to hunt down and kill black lives matter? Also, do you remember how he was using conservative media to share his message?

Who can forget in 2014, when the GOP was making a big push to kick all the Muslims out of their party?

Minority communities are directly effected by these people.

Like in 2018 during the Hurricane Harvey clean up, when small white towns were getting more aid than larger minority areas. That same year former member of the Texas State Board of Education, George Clayton, didn’t believe that a black kid could get into Harvard.

In Georgetown, a young black girl was bullied relentlessly with unspeakable racism and hatred, yet, her school refused to do anything about it. 2015 gave us the year when a Texas teacher was advocating for segregation.

The problem runs rampant in the education system, like when this school board member was posting KKK rhetoric on Facebook.

Our memory is longer than theirs.

If the GOP is suddenly trying to single out these two GOP county chairs (the only ones they’ve mentioned), then they must have forgot all about their Sara Legvold problem.

This article barely even scratches the surface of everything minority communities and decent people have had to endure for years.

It is time to vote every single one of them out.

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