The Types of Leadership Texas’ State Senate Needs

The Types of Leadership Texas’ State Senate Needs

Especially, right now.

The Republican party has failed every single one of us, from the state to the federal level. What we are seeing right now in this country, record unemployment, the severity of the coronavirus outbreak, and the mass protests taking place, are all the outcome of the GOP’s leadership. Which is why we need leaders that will speak up against the oppression that the GOP is inflicting among poor people and people of color.

Candidates for the Texas State Senate

Audrey Spanko

Aside from Audrey Spanko taking the right position on civil rights and police brutality in our current position; she had good ideas and policy positions regarding healthcare, the environment, education, and women’s rights.

Audrey Spanko is an East Texas native and a social worker who has spent the last decade working for nonprofits, healthcare facilities, and the Department of Family and Protective Services.

Unlike her opponent, she has seen first hand how Texas’ lack of healthcare and poorly funded education system has effected poor and minority communities. That makes her the best candidate to make changes in her district. Which is why Living Blue in Texas is endorsing her for SD1.

Jay Stittleburg

Jay Stittleburg is a Navy veteran, served as a submarine warfare officer, and was deployed in the middle east twice. He served in the Navy for 15 years and then moved to East Texas to do consulting work for the oil and gas industry for OSHA and the Department of Homeland Security.

Jay Stittleburg has strong Democratic positions on healthcare, education, gun-sense, and community specific issues like flooding.

His stance on civil rights, black lives matter, and police brutality place people first. Which is why Living Blue in Texas is endorsing him for SD4.

Carol Alvarado

As one of the few Democratic state senators in Texas, Carol Alvarado needs no introduction.

She’s on the ballot this year, but is running unopposed. Her priorities have been already focused on equality, justice, fair wages, and attainable education.

There is no doubt in our mind that she will continue to stand up for what is right and fight for the people who need a voice. Which is why we are endorsing her for SD6.

It’s time for a change in Texas.

Our Texas’ GOP state senators have been silent, a few offered thoughts and prayers, and others have offered up complete racism. The time of Texas’ GOP pandering to special interests and enacting policies which hurt Texans needs to come to an end.

It’s time for Texas to turn blue and it’s time for us to enact leaders who will help bring that change in.

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