Ken Paxton is Aiming for Voter Intimidation,  Worried About Blue Wave Coming

Ken Paxton is Aiming for Voter Intimidation, Worried About Blue Wave Coming

Paxton and the rest of the GOP really don’t want you to vote.

Texas AG Ken Paxton says that those voting by mail “merely” because the voter lacks COVID immunity – and anyone advising them to do so – could be subject to “criminal sanction.”

While Paxton wrote this statement, it’s probably a good time to remind you; The Texas House & Senate not even holding hearings remotely. The Texas Supreme Court held hearings by Zoom. And the Texas Capitol & Governor’s Mansion closed to the public.

He also prohibited temperature checks at polls.

In a Galveston County Commissioner Court hearing this morning, we learned as they discussed safe ways of voting, (including having people use q-tips to touch the ballots), that Paxton has prohibited temperature checks for both poll workers and voters.

The same ol’ racist dog whistle.

Voter fraud. Which is what the GOP has been using for decades to try and keep Black and Hispanic people from voting. While Trump, Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick, and Ken Paxton are ALL trying to keep people from mail-in voting during the pandemic, every single one of them have previously voted by mail.

Ol’ Paxton is constantly up to no good.

Last week, Ken Paxton joined an amicus brief in defense of the second amendment, which includes citizens’ right to bear arms both in and outside of their homes.

So, just so we’re all clear. Ken Paxton wants people to get COVID-19 by forcing everyone to vote in person and in the meanwhile he is defending making the country less safe, by making sure every RWNJ can run around fully strapped and ready.

He also asked for more powers to investigate police who murder, but as we all know Paxton cares about people killed by police as much as Abbott cares about people killed by the coronavirus. Maybe he sees that we’re entering an era where elected prosecutors realize that their persistent refusal to charge cops who victimize people could become a major political liability.

Increasing government transparency would start with Paxton.

July 28th will be the 5th anniversary of when a grand jury of his peers slapped Ken Paxton with three felony indictments and he’s been running from the law ever since.

Then to add insult to injury, in 2019, his wife introduced a bill which would allow him to issue exemptions for the very security regulations fraud he got in trouble for. The bill was never passed, but does show how corrupt Paxton and his Senator wife are.

Paxton isn’t up for reelection this year, but down-ballot a ton of GOP are. It’s time to vote every single one of them out.

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