Jodey Arrington Uses Strawman to Attack Black Lives Matter

Jodey Arrington Uses Strawman to Attack Black Lives Matter

He also said, “George Floyd’s murder was unacceptable, but…”

David Dorn’s death is tragic, his life mattered, but Jodey Arrington is using his death as a strawman distraction to argue against the changes that Black Lives Matter is fighting for.

He only learned about David Dorn’s death because Trump posted something similar yesterday.

The sheer fake outrage by the right-wing over David Dorn being killed is sickening. Yes, of course his death was wrong, but using it as a way to tar and feather every protestor is literally the worst way to remember retired Captain Dorn.

This pathetically veiled attempt at outrage is beneath the office that Jodey Arrington holds and the people he represents.

You can count Jodey Arrington among those who sow division and hate. He is disgracing David Dorn’s memory by using his murder to advance his political narrative.

This is a classic strawman.

Conservatives were just waiting for looters to kill a black cop so they could pounce and use it against Black Lives Matter. I don’t think David Dorn would want Conservatives using his death as anti-BLM propaganda. Of course his life mattered!

Using his death as some kind of “gotcha” against protestors, is disrespectful and disgusting. He doesn’t care that he’s dead, he doesn’t see him as human.

Where was Arrington’s outrage about the Republican Party that supporting the treasonous, fascist, wannabe dictator when he calls out for attack peaceful protestors? We all watched it live on TV.

Where was his outrage over Brionna Taylor, Ahmaud Aubrey, or David McAtee? He remained silent on all of those.

Jodey Arrington did make a statement about George Floyd.


As I wrote about earlier this week, when Donna Campbell said something similar. Saying “George Floyd’s murder was bad, but…” Sounds like someone who says “I’m not trying to be racist, but…” Ironically, it’s the same people who are likely to make both statements.

This entire thing is tragic and not surprising that Conservatives are placing blame outside of real culprit. Of course, Arrington is another Trump kiss-ass and instigates the flames of division. This tweet postures him a weak man and someone who can’t be depended on to lead Texas’ 19th Congressional District. There’s a crisis going on and it appears way in over Arrington’s head. Arrington’s tweet exhibits that not only do you understand nothing about the movement, but he is only choose to advocate for black bodies when it fits his propagandist agenda.

Justice for David Dorn, Justice for George Floyd! May both killers be held accountable!

Call Jodey Arrington’s office directly and tell them his language is not acceptable at 806-763-1611 or email him at

Call your congressperson! 

No matter what side of the isle they are, they need to stand against racism and police brutality.

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