Today’s New COVID Cases Peak At 2,622; Governor Abbott Says All is Good

Today’s New COVID Cases Peak At 2,622; Governor Abbott Says All is Good

Also, Governor Abbott is full of more sh** than a Thanksgiving Turkey.

After nearly a week of our new coronavirus cases hovering around 2,000, then yesterday our new cases were only 1,200, I expected Greg Abbott to come hold a press conference about how he’s doing such a great job and everything is okay. Then we would see a sudden spike in numbers today.

In case you missed it, here it is:

The reason I expected this, was I noticed there have been several occasions, which Texas’ new cases have been high for days, then a sudden drop on the days Abbott gives holds a press conference, then the next day, back up again.

Today was no different.

He started is presser by saying we were here today to let Texans know about the abundant capacity of Texas hospitals. Then he said the reality is that COVID-19 still exists in Texas. I’m guessing that was an FYI to the folks who haven’t been paying attention.

Then he said, remember in March and April there was a nationwide effort to slow the spread of COVID-19 so that we were able to prevent hospitals from being overrun. He said that goal has been achieved. (Of course, this is despite the fact that the Star Telegram reported just this morning our hospital cases are at an all time high, and our new cases are still skyrocketing)

He said, only 10% of people who have coronavirus will have to go to the hospital. Well, if we’re going up 2,000 new cases a day, that’s 200 hospitalizations a day.

“More important than the numbers you hear about…”

Then Governor Abbott said, “More important than the numbers you hear about, it’s the reason behind those numbers.” And brace for bullshit.

On June 10th, there were 2,504 new cases, while it sounds big, there’s a reason. That a large chunk of that came Beaumont county, who all got a large chunk of positives back at once. A total of about 500 of them.

Well, I’m not a mathematician or anything, but I’m pretty sure 2,500 – 500 is still 2,000. Which is a increase of 2,000 in a day.

Then Governor Abbott said, “And that brings me to today.”

The new cases for 6/16 is 2,622.

But he said don’t worry, it’s an anomaly and here’s my excuses.

In Collin County, they normally average less than 50 cases a day, but yesterday there was 120 positives. The reason is because there is a cluster at a nursing home. So, that accounts for an extra 70.

Then Hays County had their highest daily number at 265, but they hadn’t reported anything yesterday and Sunday, which accounts for an extra 170ish.

Yep, so according to Abbott, this big spoke of 2,622 is because of the extra 250ish cases in these counties…. Are there really people out there that listen to this and think, “Oh, well that makes sense. I’m glad everything is OK.”

It’s all because of young drunks.

No, not the rapper. Governor Abbott said that these spikes we’ve been seeing is young people who have been going out to bars. The majority of these new cases are with people under the age of 30.

He said that the TABC will penalize bars and clubs for not following state guidelines. But, don’t worry hairdressers are still safe.

Our numbers should be going down now.

Abbott said now that we got all that stuff out of the way, we should start seeing a decrease. Whew!

I’m sure we all believe you, Abbott, just like the last 5 times you said that.

Then, he gave the floor to the doctors to talk about how how we’re good on our hospital capacity and we can be open for the economy. Because, the doctors are expert economists.

Governor Abbott’s favorite anti-woman doctor, Dr. Hellerstedt, said that the risk of people catching coronavirus in Texas is still very high. He said people should still stay home and social distance. I wonder if that means Abbott will rethink his position on mail-in voting.

Then came the softball questions from the Conservative media.

I am so fed up with these dummies. They have six figure incomes and a press pass slid to them based on their dad’s connections, and they can’t even ask serious questions.

Question #1: “So, basically what I hear you’re saying, is people should exercise personal responsibility, is that right?”

Then he answered a few more questions about how they can have the GOP convention, because they have a strategy for keeping people safe. And then got a shot in at Clay Jenkins.

No matter what Abbott is saying, Texas is open for businesses, and it’s going to get worse in the next few months. None of us should be surprised if we hit the same kind of numbers they are seeing in New York, by August.

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