These Texas GOP State Senators STILL Don’t Know That Black Lives Matter

These Texas GOP State Senators STILL Don’t Know That Black Lives Matter

Silence is complicity.

The following Texas GOP State Senators have not put on any statement or suggested any change related to police brutality. They also haven’t condemned the actions of police who murder or offered condolences to those who are hurting.

Bryan Hughes, Bob Hall, Robert Nichols, Charles Schwertner, Brandon Creighton, Paul Bettencourt, Angela Paxton, Larry Taylor, Joan Huffman, Pete Flores, Brian Birdwell, Dawn Buckingham, Charles Perry, Pat Fallon, and Kel Seliger.

Kelly Hancock, Senate District 9

In today’s era, we all have to be mindful of how we use our words. I am, I was, and I’m saying this; Kelly Hancock of State Senate District 9 is a racist. This is demonstrated by this tweet, which he send out yesterday.

In fact, during the uprising we have all witnessed the last few days, Kelly Hancock has gone on a tweeting frenzy. None of those tweets condemned police brutality or offered condolences for lives lost by police.

He’s tweeted lies about mail-in ballots, and re-tweeted dozens of far-right ANTIFA sentiments.

Hey, Kelly, didn’t you know that if you are anti-anti fascist, then you are a fascist?

Because of this, we are unapologetically telling y’all, not only is Kelly Hancock a racist, but he also supports fascism.

Unfortunately, Kelly Hancock isn’t up for election this year. But we’ll keep reminding y’all of this stuff every day until he is.

If you’re as outraged at his comments as much as we are, you should contact him and let him know. His number is 817-899-0892 and his email is

Republican State Senators who have tried to put out the right message, (but failed).

It’s only fair to give credit when credit is due. The message that, killings by police is wrong, is the right message. However, the following state senators are not offering solutions.

Jane Nelson, State Senate District 12

At least she said something. However, she has offered thoughts and prayers, instead of bills or ideas which will punish police officers for police brutality or demilitarization of the police force. Baby steps.

Lois Kolkhorst, State Senate District 18

Lois Kolkhorst is a flake who things thoughts and prayers will end police brutality. While she is right to condemn the murder of George Floyd, it’s almost like she doesn’t know that her job is to write bills that will stop these senseless killings from continuing.

Although, it’s another year before the senate is in session now, it is time to talk about this and prepare for a fix now. Thoughts and prayers are not enough.

Donna Campbell, Senate District 25

Donna Campbell’s statement on Twitter reminds me of someone who says, “I’m not trying to sound racist, but…”

Actually, if she didn’t have to express her outrage at “thugs,” it’s possible she wouldn’t have mentioned George Floyd at all.

Like the rest of the GOP state senators who have ACTUALLY said something, Donna Campbell isn’t up for reelection this year.

However, you have to see her Facebook posts on this, where she basically says Democrats are terrorists. We’ll have a follow up on this later.

Texas needs a change.

In the state of Texas, there are 31 state senators. 19 of them are Republican.

Of those Republicans, 15 have been COMPLETELY silent while America protests, uprises, and rebels against yet another incident of police brutality. 2 Republicans offered thoughts and prayers, but no solution. 1 GOP state senator, said “yeah, that’s bad, but…” And another responded with completely racist rhetoric.

54% of Texas’ residents are people of color. These GOP state senators seem to not care or be complicit to the fact that brown and black people are being systematically murdered by law enforcement.

While these senators may represent some Texans, they have made it clear, they don’t represent ALL Texans. And these are the people who we are entrusting to make laws regarding police brutality and how officers interact with minority communities.

In Texas, things are not going to change until our law makers change.

Call your congressperson! 

It’s time to remind your state senator, they work for us. Whether they are on this list or are a Democrat, Texas needs police reform, and we need to tell our elected officials to make it a priority.

To find out who your representatives are, go HERE!

Make sure you’re registered to vote!

Are you registered to vote? Not sure, find out HERE!


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