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Texas State Senator Donna Campbell Calls the Left Terrorists

She is a real nut-job.

Her rhetoric is meant to inflame and further divide.

You can see her full post here, I took a screenshot, in case she decides later to edit or delete it.

Her entire premise of her lengthy Facebook post was, “Because of their great hatred for President Trump, many on the left have chosen to take each detail of the events from Mr. Floyd’s death to the riots in various cities and place the blame on the President for each detail in an attempt to defeat him the coming election.”

Many on the left. Not some, not a few, but many. That’s what she said.

And not because of police brutality, or because another black man was killed, but because of the left’s hatred for Donald Trump.

“It has been described as domestic terrorism, and it is!” She said. She meant, described by domestic terrorism by Donald Trump.

What about right-wing terrorism?

Of all the right-wing terrorist incidents which have happened since Donna Campbell has been in office (2013), she has never once spoke out against them, or how they happened because the right hated we had a black president.

In 2013 when a right-wing terrorist shot 10 people in a Los Angeles airport, Donna Campbell was silent. In 2014, when a Nazi walked into a Jewish community center in Kansas, Donna Campbell was silent. Then in 2014 when two members of the extreme right-wing Cliven Bundy gang shot and killed police and civilians in a pizzeria and a Walmart, Donna Campbell was silent.

In 2017, when Nazis stormed Charlottesville and drove their car into a crowd of people, Donna Campbell was silent. When a far right-wing Trumper extremist was sending bombs in the mail to left leaning politicians in 2018, Donna Campbell was silent.

In both the 2015 Charleston church shooting and the 2019 El Paso shooting, Donna Campbell offered thoughts and prayers, but never expressed the level of anger and outrage as she did in her Facebook post yesterday.

Does her message resonate with her base?

Just look at some of the responses on her post. Her base, the same as Trump’s base responded with more hatred, racism, name calling, and mistruths. I would say Donna Campbell achieved her goal of encouraging more hate and further dividing.

What did Donna Campbell say about Collin Kaepernick peacefully protesting?

The double standards with Conservatives runs deep. Donna Campbell doesn’t want black people to protest peacefully, either.

Just like the rest of them, that are spouting outrage right now, the truth is they just don’t want black voices or voices of opposition heard. This couldn’t be more apparent when you look at Donna Campbell’s voting history.

A wolf in sheep’s clothing.

When environmental activists were protesting an oil pipeline, Donna Campbell voted on a bill which would give peacefulness protesters up to 10 years in prison.

She also voted against a bill which would allow police officers to obtain body cameras, which could help cut down on police brutality.

In Texas, the reason why the GOP is pushing so hard to stop people from voting to further increase voter suppression, is to get and keep people like Donna Campbell in office. She votes and speaks against the best interests of not only Democrats, but also people of color.

Texas Senate District 25

In 2010, the voting age population in SD25 was 610K; now that the 2020 census is happening, this number will likely increase. However, the actual amount of people turning out to vote has typically been 350K or less.

Because of that, because not enough people are voting, Donna Campbell only represents a small minority of the community. In 2012, she only got 232K votes and in 2018 she only got 236K votes. The Republican base in SD25 is not growing. However, her opposition got 122K votes in 2012 and 174K votes in 2018; meaning her opposition is growing a lot faster than her base, this considering that nearly 50% of eligible voters in her district DID NOT even vote.

In 2020, after the new census is complete, Republicans will likely try and redraw the voting districts once more. They do this to keep their districts primarily white and primarily Republican so black and Hispanic Texans do not have a voice.

What can be done about Donna Campbell in 2020?

Unfortunately, she isn’t up for election again until 2022, but Republicans all the way up and down the ballot are. We need to get them out of there. They are pushing for fascism and supporting a would-be dictator. It’s time for them to go.

We have to remember, Donna Campbell works for us, the people. Call her, write her, email her, everyday if you have to. She is supposed to be doing what is best for ALL of her constituents.

You should also contact her and express how incredibly inappropriate, divisive, and hateful her words are. Democrats are not terrorists. What she has said is dangerous and shouldn’t be tolerated.

Her phone number is 512-463-0125 and her email is

To find out who your other representatives are, go HERE!

Make sure you’re registered to vote!

Are you registered to vote? Not sure, find out HERE!


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