Ft. Worth Councilman and Club Owner Positive for COVID – Dozens Possibly Exposed

Ft. Worth Councilman and Club Owner Positive for COVID – Dozens Possibly Exposed

Councilman Cary Moon has been spotted several times in public places this last week without a mask.

While you may have already heard from local news stations that Carry Moon, Fort Worth city councilman tested positive for coronavirus, there are several details that were left out.

First of all Moon attended a 4-hour city council meeting on Tuesday. The entire meeting can be found here. Moon was not wearing a mask at all for the council meeting. And while the city council has installed protective shields between them and constituents, there was no protective shield between Moon and the other council members. The city council meeting happened on the same day he started feeling sick.

Arlington Music Hall.

If you keep up with local politics, you may already be aware that Cary Moon is the owner of the haunted hip-spot for baby boomers, Arlington Music Hall.

Arlington Music Hall held a concert last Saturday, where they were requiring people who attended to sit a few seats apart, but none of them were required to wear masks.

Witnesses tell us they spotted Moon at the bar, taking sips of other people’s drinks. Why anyone would let someone take a sip of their drink in a middle of a pandemic is baffling.

Masks are now required in Tarrant County.

While Cary Moon likely exposed dozens of people at Arlington Music Hall and at City Hall. If you were at either place, we suggest you get tested.

Councilman Moon this morning, said in an interview how important it is for everyone to wear a mask. Some people just have to learn lessons the hard way.

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