Abbott Touts Personal Responsibility in Today’s Press Conference

Abbott Touts Personal Responsibility in Today’s Press Conference

New day, same old bullshit.

Greg Abbott held another one of his bullshit press conferences today. The focus of today was personal responsibility.

He made it known in his first statement, that “Texans Need to Step Up.” So, he’s blaming the people of Texas, and not himself.

He said decisions on how to respond to COVID-19 is based on data and doctors.

Surely he meant the data on the DSHS website that says, “estimated based on assumptions,” the by doctors, he meant the anti-woman doctor Hellerstedt.

He said, “we must find a way to continue with our daily routines and co-exist with COVID-19.” That means, he has no plans on shutting anything back down, you know, because of the economy.

He claimed our hospitals have abundant capacity still, even though reports in Dallas, Houston, and Austin are telling us otherwise.

Reduce the spread without closing down Texas.

Greg Abbott said, that shutting down Texas will always be the last resort. Then he talked about the numbers. The daily number of new people testing positive is 3,500 for the last 5 days. Then the bullshit positivity rate is 9%. And hospitalizations have been averaging more than 3,00 per day for the last 5 days.

Abbott said, “COVID-19 is spreading at an unacceptable rate in Texas and it must be corralled.”

He said first, we have to have all Texans follow the safe protocols. I wonder if he knows how much that pisses his base off, infringing on their “freedumb.” He made sure to add, “I know some people think wearing a mask is infringement of freedom, but it will help us keep Texas open.” Abbott talks to the monsters he created. I think, we should call them Abbottstine.

The Trump/Abbott base believes personal responsibility means they can spread coronavirus to whomever they want. You know, because OAN said it’s fake.

TABC is shutting down over crowded bars and they are surging testing that may be hot-spots.

Abbott encourages Texans to learn more about how COVID-19 is spread.

“We don’t have to choose between jobs and health. We can have both. Together we can keep people safe. Today we can keep Texas open for business.”

Greg Abbott 6/22/2020

So, a recap of his conference today, “We’re staying open, take personal responsibility, and let’s keep Texas open for business.”

Everything was going steady until we reopened Texas. Now new cases and hospitalizations are surging and Abbott is saying it’s because we need to have more personal responsibility.

I’ve said this before and I will say this again, Texas will have the number one highest case count in America. We’ll be higher than every state except New York by August 1, and we’ll be higher than New York by October, at this rate. But remember the average 3,500 a day we’re seeing now, are people that were infected two weeks ago. In two more weeks, we may be hitting 10,000 per day.

We’re totally screwed. And Abbott screwed us.

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