Abbott Betrayed Texas and Things Are About to Get Bad

Abbott Betrayed Texas and Things Are About to Get Bad

This is completely Greg Abbott’s fault.

#AbbottBetrayedTexas is trending on Twitter. Not only has he betrayed Texas, he signed the death warrants on thousands of people. The reason why, in case you missed it, is KHOU out of Houston reported this morning that Texas Children’s Hospital is now admitting adults. Yes, they are admitting adults in the children’s hospital because they are running out of beds in the other hospitals.

Some of us have a shorter memory than others, (me for one), but the time period between today and yesterday, when Abbott went on TV and said that we still had abundant hospital capacity, isn’t short enough for us all to forget.

Look at this stupid fucking map.

They gerrymandered the hospital capacity in Texas. Does this make any sense to anyone? Instead of telling us what the hospital capacity is by county, they are telling us by region. And the regions have no meaning. (This is on the DSHS dashboard under “Hospitals – Regional”).

When you look at this data provided by the state, it will tell you the total beds, the available beds, the available ICU beds, available ventilators, and how many patients are currently hospitalized with COVID-19.


Nowhere does DSHS tell you how how many tests, positives, or fatalities there are by these “regions” they picked.

They are using this data and portraying it in a way which is dishonest. (We’ve already caught them before, many, many times before.) Look at this region, “Region E,” for example.

They are including everyone from Stephenville to Dennison and Gainesville, then back down to Corsicana. I think they’re counting between 10 and 12 counties in there.

The State of Texas is saying there are 415 available ICU beds in Region E.

But look at this.

Dallas Mayor, Eric Johnson has been keeping his constituents in the loop about hospital capacity in the CITY of Dallas, (not the county).

He says today that in the City of Dallas there are a total of 942 ICU beds, 652 are occupied. That means there are 290 available ICU beds in the City of Dallas.

If there are 415 in the entire region, and 290 are in Dallas that means there are only 125 ICU beds left for the the combined Tarrant, Collin, Denton, Cooke, Wise, Ellis, Johnson, Rockwall, Palo Pinto, and the remainder of Dallas County.

In other words, this map is saying Region E’s population is 8.08 million, Dallas’ population is 1.34 million. That means there is 125 ICU beds for 6.74 million people.

Why does this matter?

Because our new cases are skyrocketing. We had been averaging 3,500-ish for about 5 days, then yesterday we hit over 5K. This number is only going to speed up, unless drastic measures are taken.

The more people that get sick, the more people have to be hospitalized, the more go into the ICU, and the more die. And then when our ICUs are completely full, our death rate goes through the roof.

Available ICU beds?

The DSHS is saying there are 1,517 available ICU beds in the ENTIRE state.

Yet, on a county level, the counties that are reporting numbers aren’t telling us how many ICU beds they have available. Not Dallas, Tarrant, Harris, Travis, or Bexar. None of them are.

Abbott betrayed Texas with his lies. Abbott betrayed Texas with failure to keep the citizens safe. And Abbott betrayed Texas by putting the needs of billionaires above everyone else.

San Antonio


Greg Abbott is a greedy asshole that placed more value on the economy than human life, and now Texans are going to have to pay for it.

Abbott did not listen to CDC guidelines, he opened back up too fast, he pandered to Trump, he undermined county judges, he gave extra attention to Criminal Barbie, and made his entire strike-force commission from his billionaire donors.

Abbott betrayed Texas and also committed a crime against humanity.

He knew he was lying about the numbers, he knew we would skyrocket if we opened up too soon, and he did it anyway. So that millionaires and billionaires can have their workforce back at it making them money, even though Texas is the top state for low wages, lack of sick time, and uninsured. Everyone that will die in the next few months will have a personal death warrant signed by Greg Abbott.

We still don’t know how bad it will be.

Remember, everyone testing positive now, likely contracted the virus two weeks ago. Even if we shut everything back down today, our numbers would still shoot up for two more weeks. Right now, 5K per day, in two weeks 8K per day.

Things are going to get bad over the next month, and will continue so until Greg Abbott scales back, puts some sort of mandatory mask orders in place, or until we all have herd immunity. (Is that actually a thing?)

If you can stay home, stay home. Wear a mask everywhere. Be smart. Wash your hands.

And for goodness sake, please in November vote.

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