How the Texas GOP has responded to the Coronavirus?

How the Texas GOP has responded to the Coronavirus?

About as well as you could expect.

As we all know by now, Greg Abbott has lied to us countless times, Dan Patrick has called for the death of old people, and Ken Paxton has been fighting against mail-in voting. But how has the rest of the Texas GOP responded? 

While Ted Cruz, has spoken up about herd immunity and getting people back to work, John Cornyn has kept his lips tight, (it’s an election year).

Texas GOP Representatives

Congressman Chip Roy of District 21 has publicly called for herd immunity While crazy Ol’ Man Gohmert has been spotted not wearing a mask, he hasn’t said anything publicly about herd immunity, yet. 

Trump has called Dan Crenshaw’s coronavirus response brilliant, and the white house has pointed to him as an example for the rest of the GOP. Crenshaw has praised Trump’s COVID response and called Lina Hildago a tyrant for trying to prevent further spread.

Crenshaw, along with Lance Gooden and Ron Wright have both called for punishing China with sanctions for the virus. Michael McCaul was appointed head of the task force to investigate China.

The Texas GOP is crazy.

Kenny Marchant didn’t even show up in DC to vote on the stimulus bill, neither did John Carter or Brian Babin. The same stimulus bill, Roger Williams personally profited on.

Some of them have been very self-serving.

Kevin Brady has been pushing for tax breaks for businesses and loosening of regulations. Aside from voting against the coronavirus federal relief bill, Randy Weber has been relatively silent. Jodey Arrington called the Paycheck Protection Act extreme. And Pete Olson’s sole focus seems to be on oil companies. 

The Texas GOP flabbergasts us all.

Mac Thornberry released a statement saying his gratitude for the resources the federal government has given the pan-handle, also he thinks it’s time to bring back testing chemicals on animals

Michael Burgess said in a recent hearing, he’s been hearing a lot of good stuff about Trump’s malaria drug. Michael Conaway has tried to use the coronavirus as an opportunity to introduce an anti-abortion bill.  And Michael Cloud has been hosting prayer webinars. 

Which Texas GOP members are demonstrating common-sense?

Kay Granger, of TX12, has been one of the few Texas congresspeople spotted in DC actually wearing a mask. She also has been putting pressure on prisons to be more transparent about their COVID infections. Granger’s district is over Tarrant County, which is leaning pretty far blue these days. 

Will Hurd is leaving congress this year, so I guess it’s his time to try and do or say the right thing. Hurd has called for more testing, more PPE, expanding SNAP, and was in favor of the Paycheck Protection Act. 

GOP Representatives who have kept their COVID opinions quiet. 

Van Taylor, John Ratcliffe, and Bill Flores haven’t made any public statements regarding the current pandemic.  

One thing is clear. 

The Texas GOP has failed us in leadership during this pandemic. America is hurting, Texas is hurting, and almost all across the board, the GOP has done little for the people of Texas. 

The 2020 elections are going to wind up being one of the most important elections of our lifetime. Aside from just getting Trump out, we have to vote every single Republican who continues to work against our best interests out of government. 

If we fail this year, they will gerrymander, cheat, suppress votes, until we don’t even have a vote left.

The Texas GOP is evil.

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