A Demonstration of Stupidity from Bexar County GOP Chair

A Demonstration of Stupidity from Bexar County GOP Chair

Bexar County GOP makes a fool of itself.

It’s already gone viral. If you haven’t seen it already, here is Bexar County GOP Chair, Cynthia Brehm, making a fool of herself.

She’s saying that Democrats made the Coronavirus up, to hurt Trump. And everyone needs to take off their masks and vote Republican. Then they all hugged.

Yeah, that really happened. So, who is Cynthia Brehm, anyway? I sifted through months of her social media posts and aside from being a carbon copy of every other wing nut, she’s hateful, angry, and believes every insane right-wing conspiracy that she’s ever heard. 

She also keeps company with idiots like this:

Cynthia Brehm is a reminder to all of us how Trump has brought out the worst in humanity. A reminder that there are those who walk among us that are driven by lies because they substantiate the hate that already resides within them.

Unfortunately, the group of overweight people in their 60s you see in this video, are high risk to get the Coronavirus. While they’re are taking off their masks, not social distancing, and hugging, they are putting themselves at risk. It’s sad that their stupidity may ultimately kill them. Will they still call it a hoax then?

In Texas, this is what we’re facing. Not only in Bexar County but all through the entire state, from El Paso to Beaumont. This is Trump’s brand, this is Abbott’s brand. This is the brand of the GOP.

The disconnect.

Many of us, still have friends, neighbors, and relatives, who vote right. Over the last 4 decades, we’ve seen them go from kind, caring people who want to pay fewer taxes, to immersed in hate, lies, and fake news. 

We’ve tried talking to them, we’ve tried reasoning with them, we’ve tried educating them, but they won’t listen.

Many of us have cut ties with friends and loved ones because their political beliefs have become so hateful and racist, that we just couldn’t listen to it anymore.

Yet, they continue.

The only way that we, as a state, and as a nation, are ever going to move past this is to vote every Trump Republican out of office, level the playing field and make sure the Republican party can no longer cheat or rig elections anymore.

We have to get the non-voters to vote. That’s how we win. There’s a reason they redrew the maps, implemented voter ID, purged voters from the rolls, and are trying to stop mail-in voting. It’s because we out-number them, and if we vote, we win. It’s as simple as that.

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