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If you want a judicial system that works for the people, Staci Williams is the right person for the job.

Living Blue in Texas Endorses Judge Staci Williams for the Supreme Court of Texas.

Judge Staci Williams is a two-term judge of the 101st District Court in Dallas County. The 101st District handles commercial, personal injury, medical malpractice, real estate, oil and gas, and consumer disputes. 

Judge Williams has not only been a district judge, but she also has a myriad of judicial and legal experience, including in-house counsel positions, trial attorney, administrative judge, municipal court judge, and had her own private practice. She has more than 10 years experience as a judge and 27 years in the legal profession. 

Passionate and Non-Partisan

Judge Williams’ commitment to the law and public service led her to create the Citizens’ Civil Academy (“CCA”), a FREE, NON-PARTISAN program whose mission is to educate Dallas County citizens about the civil court system. The Academy runs twice a year and to date has 250 graduated civilians. 

With a passion for educating her community on issues ranging from fair workplace treatment to their civil rights. Judge Staci Williams has been a dedicated community servant for many years and has demonstrated herself to be dedicated to the people above all else. Anyone who talks to Judge Williams or hears her speak will tell you that her love for the law is evident. 

A Refreshing Difference

What we have found most refreshing about Judge Williams is her openness with her thoughts and opinions on how the current Supreme Court is handling their decisions, and more importantly how she would have ruled if she was the one sitting in their seat. It gives us all insight to how she will decide on cases when elected. 

The stark differences between Judge Williams and her opponent couldn’t be more pronounced. She is fair, decisive, and trustworthy. If you want a government and a judicial system that works for the people and not special interest groups, Judge Staci Williams is the right person for the job. Which is why Living Blue in Texas is endorsing her for the Texas Supreme Court, Place 7.

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