Protests All Around the Country Met With Violence – Will Continue Through the Weekend (Warning – Graphic Content)

Protests All Around the Country Met With Violence – Will Continue Through the Weekend (Warning – Graphic Content)

(The above picture is a line of white people forming a barrier to protect black protestors from the police.)

Last Night

I was up again until 2:00 am, even though I promised myself I wouldn’t do that. My eyes were glued to Unicorn Riot’s live stream. But the protests in Minneapolis weren’t the only protest happening around the country this week.


In Denver yesterday, protesters took to the streets demanding justice for George Floyd. At one point, shots were fired, but thankfully no one was hurt. At another point, protesters were ran over with a car, which was all caught on video.

The night ended with police using tear gas and pepper balls.

More protests in Denver are expected today.


In California, protests also broke out, in both Los Angeles and in Fontana. In the video to the left you’ll see about half way through, a police officer was also caught on video driving through a crowd and attempting to run people over.

Tonight there are more protests scheduled in Sacramento, and likely L.A.


Last night in Louisville, KY, people took to the streets to protest the killing of Breonna Taylor. Eventually, police also started shooting tear gas and flash bangs at the crowd, see video.

7 people were shot at this event. Eyewitnesses are stating it was the police who shot at them, although the police are denying it.

There are more protests planned in Louisville tonight and tomorrow. A warning here, though. Armed protesters, both black and white are expected to be there.


The video you see here is when protesters in Columbus, OH made it to the Capital Building and began breaking windows. They were confronted by police and ran of shortly after that. Columbus also protested in solidarity last night. This protest also got a little rowdy before also broken up.

I haven’t seen anything online about protests in Columbus scheduled for tonight or this weekend.

Protests in Texas and around the county tonight and this weekend.

Tonight protests are scheduled in Dallas and Houston. As well, in Des Moines, Missoula, St. Cloud, Charlotte, Waterloo, Mankato, Delaware, Kansas City, Ireland, Fort Smith, and Phoenix. There are also several demonstrations both planned and happening right now in Minneapolis.

Aside from hundreds of marches, protests, and demonstrations planned throughout the country tomorrow; Texas can find their own rallies in San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas.

Protests are expected Sunday in various places.

Minneapolis must arrest the other 3 officers.

All 4 officers should be arrested. While Derek Chauvin was arrested today, the 3 other officers who stood by or knelt on George Floyd’s back were not

These protests are the result of George Floyd getting murdered and the 4 officers not being arrested. Just Chauvin is not good enough. The ones who enabled this to happen are culpable as well. Until those 3 are arrested, expect to see large demonstrations throughout the country continue.

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