People Are Fed Up with Killer Cops, Racism, and Inequality.

People Are Fed Up with Killer Cops, Racism, and Inequality.

What happened to George Floyd was Unjust.

As I write this the riots in #Minneapolis go on. It’s hard to put into words what I am witnessing, all folding out on Live Streams and social media updates. I don’t know if everything I’m seeing is even true.

There are constant tweets like these:

I was switching back and forth between multiple live streams and then simultaneously they were all down. People have been posting the goings on of the police scanner; or so they say. They were shooting, or it was just rubber bullets, an officer down, videos of young men laying in the street. Another video of a group carrying a young man to a hospital saying he was shot. A video of an elderly white woman trying to stab people.

There are countless videos of multiple buildings on fire, the police in full riot gear, and rumors that the national guard has been called.

And while all of this is going on, Trump tweets this:

If you weren’t aware… Today the Cowboys for Trump allegedly said the only good Democrat is a Dead Democrat. Today. And Trump Tweeted Thank you.

They say it was fake, but isn’t that what they always say when confronted with their bullshit?

Regardless, as of yet, there has been no condolences for George Floyd’s family or calling for the arrest of George Floyd’s murder.

But we know better, don’t we.

How much injustice are people supposed to take before they push back? George Floyd. Philando Castile. Eric Garner. The list goes on and on. Yet it happens again and again. And again and again there is no justice.


If you don’t know that America still doesn’t have a major problem with racism, just look at how some white people have responded on social media to what’s going on in Minneapolis. It’s sickening.

I reject the idea that I have to watch this country push the working class and impoverished through a meat grinder day after day while actively stealing from them, but I’m not supposed to express any joy when they decide to steal something back. Fuck you.

Everything that is happening tonight is the reason why Living Blue in Texas is standing in solidarity with Minneapolis.

This is still going on, right now at 1:00 AM on 5/28/2020. Follow Unicorn Riot on YouTube for Live Stream.

The world is watching.

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