It’s been a Busy Month for Ken Paxton

It’s been a Busy Month for Ken Paxton

Criminals support other criminals. 

While there may be a zillion, (yes, a zillion), reasons why Ken Paxton has infuriated us over the years, this last month or so he has been off the rails a little more than usual. Judging from the response I saw online today, most Texans are outraged at Paxton’s latest stunt, which was to call for the release of new RWNJ sweetheart, Shelly Luther. 

While it’s apparent to nearly everyone with common sense that this is a right-wing stunt, in Texas, which is leaning blue, during an election year. But, you know what we say about common sense, here in Texas. 

Anyone who calls this woman a hero for breaking the law to provide for her family has to be willing to call those here illegally because they were trying to do the same thing, heroes, as well.

Ken Paxton is a criminal.

They are both criminals or both heroes. Republicans want to have in both ways and fail to see the irony of their actions. 

But, the Shelly Luther stunt isn’t the only outlandish thing Paxton did this month, (we’ll get to that).

The Luther Case is Cut-And-Dry.

No duh, Ken Paxton.

1. Shelly Luther violated a restraining order, which is illegal.

2. She said she was open because she had mouths to feed, yet had not made an income since being open.

3. She got a loan from the government days prior to her court case but didn’t use it because she hadn’t ‘checked-it out, yet,’ (for days), even though she was breaking the law because she had mouths to feed.

4. This is a political stunt by Luther, which is obvious to everyone.

5. Did I already say she broke the law by violating a restraining order?

When you break the law you are a criminal. Shelly Luther wasn’t jailed for opening up during the lock-down, she was jailed for violating a restraining order. A restraining order, which she got from opening during the lock-down, while elected officials said salons must be closed. 

Ken Paxton blows all of our minds.


Ken Paxton needs a haircut.

She didn’t like the orders, so she decided she could break the law. It was her liberty to do so. Her entire charade of political posturing has fooled dozens to funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars her way and opened a path for her to run for a political office. 

On another note, here is where Paxton made it clear, salons were to remain closed.

Ken Paxton is a hypocrite. 

Why would he demand the release of Luther, but not the release of these two young ladies who were arrested in Laredo for the exact same thing, last week? Is that type of attention reserved for white criminals with blonde hair? Or is it because her salon resides in 75248, where the average gross income is $125,000.

What about all of the people in Texas currently incarcerated for stealing? If they stole to feed their family, will Ken Paxton now call for their immediate release? No, he won’t

This is just one more far-right-wing stunt the GOP has piled on the mountain of shit they’ve thrown on us this month. 

What else has Paxton been up to this month?

In the Texas GOP’s latest stunt to strip Texans of their rights, he has been feverishly trying to block citizens from voting by mail during the pandemic. Citing the GOP’s mythical mass voter fraud as the reason, he wants Texans to stand shoulder to shoulder to vote, while waiting hours on election day, surrounded by both sick and asymptomatic people. 

Ken Paxton is corrupt.

The GOP will stop at nothing to disenfranchise the voters most likely to vote against them. But you know them, if we can die for the economy, we should also die to vote. 

Don’t forget, Paxton, Abbott, and the rest of Texas GOP have been fighting to also take away women’s rights during the pandemic. 

A couple of weeks ago the ACLU sued Paxton after he and Greg Abbott decided they will let some prisoners out of jail because of the coronavirus, but some of them would have to pay money to get out. 

He also picked a fight with a small Colorado town that shut down for the coronavirus. Why? So one of his rich donors could go to their $4 million lakeside vacation home for the weekend. 

Ken Paxton is an asshole.

But, hasn’t Ken Paxton always been an asshole?

The answer to that is, YES. But there’s usually at least a few weeks, if not months between scandals. In the age of Trump, the entire GOP has gotten more blatant with their deep levels of depravity. 

It may be another two years before we can vote against Ken Paxton and Abbott again, but in the meanwhile, we should not let them skate by with this. Remember, Paxton and Abbott both are elected officials. They work for us, the citizens of Texas. Our tax money pays his salary. 

What is Paxton supposed to do?

This is from Paxton’s own website

  • The Office of Attorney General champions liberty and justice for Texas.
  • The Office of Attorney General is committed to performing its duties with excellence, serving Texas with humility and integrity.
  • The main responsibilities of the Office of the Attorney General are… Securing justice for Texans by investigating and prosecuting criminal activities. Protecting Texans from fraud, waste, and abuse.

Paxton is not championing justice when he wants to release a criminal from a 7-day jail stint after she violated a restraining order. Paxton has isn’t championing justice for Texas when he fights with a Colorado city about his donor’s lake house vacation home. 

Ken Paxton isn’t performing his duties with excellence when he tries to disenfranchise voters. It’s obvious he isn’t serving with integrity when he focuses his attention on an RWNJ’s right to work in North Texas, but ignores two Latina ladies in South Texas arrested for the same offense. There is no integrity demanding the release of a criminal just because she’s white, pretty, and votes for whoever has an R next to their name. 

The Attorney General is not fulfilling his responsibilities of prosecuting criminals when he tries to get criminals out of jails, because they have a high-profile with the extreme-right. He is not protecting Texans from fraud, waste, and abuse when he is the one abusing the system.

What can you do?

Besides burning these incidents into your memory and voting him out in 2022, there is more you can do. You can call this elected official and voice your concerns, as a taxpayer, a voter, and a citizen of Texas. 

Email him directly, here. Or call his office directly at 512-463-2100.

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