Chip Roy of TX21 uses Virtue Signaling to Throw in his Opinion

Chip Roy of TX21 uses Virtue Signaling to Throw in his Opinion

Check out this tweet today from Chip Roy.

Ol’ Chip, he really is in asshole, isn’t he?

He said,, “Justice should be served here. And also for the looter’s destroying people’s livelihoods and endangering lives.”

That, ladies and gentlemen, is a classic example of virtue signaling.

Virtue signalling is the popular modern habit of indicating that one has virtue merely by expressing disgust or favor for certain political ideas or cultural happenings. Feeling morally superior. claim. claim the moral high ground idiom.

Let us all not forget how just recently, Roy was going to bat for criminal barbie, Shelly Luther. He was so outraged and so angry that a pretty blonde woman was in jail for breaking the law, that he demanded her immediate release.

Virtue signaling or thinly veiled racism?

Since we took a look at his voting record last month, we already know that Chip Roy has a history on voting for bills that would hurt people of color and voting against bills that would help them.

Since we already know he likes to play teachers pet with the orange one, we cannot expect him to speak out against Trump’s racism.

Of course now I’m wondering, since Chip wants to compare the “looters” with a murder because they “burnt down businesses,” does anyone know where Chip Roy was when racists were burning down mosques in Texas or when they were burning down black churches in Louisiana?

These incidents, or news of these incidents have been in the foreground since Roy has been in office. Does anyone remember saying how justice should be served then?

He’s just stroking Trump and his base.

Chip Roy, of course said looters should be served justice all while living on stolen land, built by stolen labor, and powered by stolen resources from poor counties. Ironic, isn’t it?

Beware of those who criticize the looters harder than the police officers who committed murder. They are telling us who they truly are.

Would he prefer that protesters kneel instead?

Funny you ask, because I decided to look into that very thing.

“He’s a lousy quarterback just popping off in the world of politics.” He said on the Todd Starnes show back in January.

Chip Roy is using the term “looter” to the actions of oppressed in Minneapolis. I think, not only Living Blue in Texas, but also Democrats in Texas and around te globe agree. This was a rebellion. This wasn’t random or irrational violence. It was organized resistance to an evil system that only pays attention when it feels financially or physically unsafe. Which is how people of color feel ever day in this country.

Being able to meet violence with love or peace is a privilege. The privilege of pacifism. This is a privilege that black and brown people have not had in this county.

What Chip Roy should have said instead of virtue signaling.

I hear you. I’m sorry this happened. I’m sorry you’re hurting. What can I do to help?

That wouldn’t have just spoke to Twitter or the people in Minneapolis, but the thousand of black and brown people who live in Chip Roy’s district. Do they matter to him, too?

As we all know, Chip Roy is a mini-Donald, who in this time has poured fuel on the fires of white supremacy for his entire presidency.

We’ll remember this in November, Chip.

While we’re on the topic, check out this fantastic article from The Root, “White People Nationwide Mourn the Senseless Murder of a Minneapolis Target.”

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