Rep. Chip Roy Throws His Support Behind a Criminal This Week

Rep. Chip Roy Throws His Support Behind a Criminal This Week

In Typical Tea-Party Fashion 

Millionaire jack-ass and crusader for the rich, U.S. Rep Chip Roy of Texas’ severely gerrymandered 21st Congressional District sent out his support for criminal hairstylist, Shelly Luther, this week. Using typical Tea Party lingo, he called Luther a “Patriot Hair Stylist,” and then lambasted the law-abiding citizens who reported the law-breaker. 

Shelly Luther gets support from Chip Roy.

You have probably already heard of this woman. She’s the owner in a Dallas salon, who decided she’ll get arrested or fined, so she can open her business. Even though salons, nail-shops, and gyms do not yet have safety standards in place to open during the pandemic, Shelly Luther is a special snow-flake.  

Who is Shelly Luther?

Chip Roy supports this Texas Republican's right to spread the virus.

I’ve watched video footage of this lady, (more than any normal person could probably stomach), and did my research on her. Her Facebook page is public, feel free to look her up. Before I get back to ol’ Chip, here are the basics you should know about Luther:

  • She’s a typical Texas Republican woman; blonde hair, thick accent, her speeches are full of Texas colloquialisms, and she’s completely obnoxious. 
  • She owns a high-end salon on the more affluent side of town, where you will spend $200 for a haircut and be guaranteed your nail technician will speak English. 
  • Even though prior to COVID-19, she had 19 hairstylists, only 2 are now willing to take the risk to come to work. 
  • Shelly Luther loves Trump and hates Nancy Pelosi, you know because of FOX News. 
  • She thinks New York is lying about their coronavirus deaths. 
  • Her Facebook feed is full of shared posts from the likes Glen Beck, Texas gun-extremist Michael Cargill, and QAnnon supporters. 
Luther's go fund me, supported by Chip Roy.
  • Every day she’s been open, she’d had a bunch of old white people in American flag shirts in front of her business for support. 
  • The supporters can be seen shouting things at the videos like, “It’s just the flu, you can only die from COVID-19 if your under 65, and people start businesses with $200,000 and the government is making them lose their investment.”
  • Her Go-Fund Me is up to $20,000.
  • Shelly Luther is likely eyeing a political future, her supporters are certainly pushing for it.

Why Shelly Luther is a Criminal

You may have heard or read debates on whether or not violating an ordinance equates to a crime. Some say it does, some say it does not. If a person is deliberately and intentionally violating an ordinance while drawing an audience and doing so for the sake of monetary gain, is at very least, criminal mischief. 

In 2019, the State of Texas passed a bill that criminalized protests. Luckily for Shelly Luther, that bill only pertained to protesters who were concerned about the environment. Selfish little snowflakes, like her, who want to make a political statement are safe. Yes, it’s political. That’s why she’s all over the media and why the hand-full of supporters have camped out in front of her business. 

Shelly Luther isn’t even in Chip Roy’s District

She isn’t even close to it. Luther is way up in Dallas, and Roy is way down in San Antonio. So, why is he throwing his support in for her? It just goes in line with the Tea Party narrative. Old, white, rich people should be able to do what they want, usually at the expense of everyone else. 

Chip Roy is facing re-election this year and he’s up against Democratic power-house Wendy Davis. Yet, he continues to demonstrate that he doesn’t work for the people of TX21. It’s time to get these clowns out of Texas and actually elect people that will work for all of our interests. Not just the right-wing extremists and rich donors.

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